The dos and don’ts of eyelash extension aftercare

June 12, 2023 4 min read

The dos and don’ts of eyelash extension aftercare

Having a fabulous eyelash extension set is not all up to your lash artists. After leaving the lash studio, it’s your turn to maintain this masterpiece on your face. Therefore, these tips about eyelash extension aftercare we give in this blog will definitely help you.

Lash extension maintenance is not as daunting as you might think. Just keep in mind these four things you shouldn’t do for proper eyelash extension aftercare:

1. Get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after application

One or two days after having your lash extensions done, it’s crucial to keep them away from water or moisture. This is to ensure you let the lash glue dry completely, or else the humidity can interfere in the bonding process, causing the lashes to fall out prematurely. This could make you feel weird or uncomfortable when having a shower, but it’s just the first two days, so keep up!

After the first 24-48 hours, you can enjoy your shower time again, but it’s best if you can avoid high water pressure and hot steam. When having extensions on your lashes, it’s worth noting that humidity and temperature are two things that affect lash extension bonding the most.

2. Use waterproof mascara

Having eyelash extensions on doesn’t mean there’s no need to use mascara, especially if you are wearing them in a natural style and want to pump up the volume. However, it’s advisable to use a water-based mascara instead of a waterproof one. Waterproof is hard to remove, and you can end up harshly scrubbing and damaging your lash extensions!

3. Use oil-based products

Oil-based products can work in your favor when it comes to beauty products. However, they would break the bond between the lash extensions and your natural lashes, causing the false lashes to fall off more easily. Therefore, they are a big no for your eyelash extension aftercare. Instead, you can use oil-free makeup remover and skincare products around your eyes. 

4. Use lash curler

Eyelash extensions come in many curls, such as L, L+, LD, M, and V, so why do you need to curl them again?

Using a lash curler is a bad move, especially a mechanical one, as it can damage your lashes if not done correctly. The extensions are likely to break, become uneven, or even fall out. However, if you desperately want to have your false lash curled, then use a heated curler.

lash curler


Besides the don’ts, here are things you should include in your eyelash extension aftercare routine to keep your eyelash extensions always perked up:

1. Clean your lashes regularly

Over time, make-up residues, oil, and built-up dirt can cause clumps and breakages in your lashes if you don’t wash them on a regular basis. Worse, it can lead to eye infections and inflammation. Hence, keeping your eyelash extensions clean all the time is a must for all false lash wearers in eyelash extension aftercare routine.

For sanitizing your lashes, we recommend you use specialized products such as eyelash extension shampoo rather than facial cleanser or micellar water. Lash shampoo can gently wash your lashes without weakening the adhesive bond, keeping them looking healthy and having better retention. 

To find out how to clean your lash extensions at home properly, you can read our blog 

cleaning in eyelash extensions aftercare

2. Brush your lashes daily

Like you should brush your hair every day so that it doesn’t look so disheveled, brushing your lashes daily will keep your lash set in good shape all the time. This habit will protect your extensions from getting tangled and enhance your overall appearance. It’s best to use a clean spoolie and support it with your sanitized finger as you brush.

3. Be gentle

Everyone knows this, but not everyone can follow it. Rubbing the eyes is a subconscious manner: you rub your eyes when you just wake up or when your eyes are getting tired. The harsh force exerted on your lashes can easily make them fall off instantly.This subconscious tendency is hard to avoid, but try to be as careful as possible. If you need to touch your eyes, do so gently and avoid pulling or tugging at your extensions.

4. Use silk pillow

If you are using a cotton pillow, it is recommended that you change it to a silk one for a soft and smooth surface. The cotton is quite rough and likely to grab on to your lashes, absorb the oil, and leave them dry and easily broken.

use silk pillow for aftercare of eyelash extensions


5. Sleep on your back or side

Sadly, it’s not time to sleep in every position you want anymore. Sleeping on your stomach or with your face pressed into the pillow can cause your extensions to become bent or twisted. To avoid this, try to develop the habit of sleeping on your back or side.

6. Schedule regular touch-ups

However strictly you follow the eyelash extension aftercare instructions, your lash extensions can’t stay there perfectly forever. This is because over time, outgrown lash extensions make your lash line look uneven and unkempt, and you can’t stop it!

This is when you should have your lash technician help you maintain your extensions by filling in any gaps or replacing any lashes that have fallen out. It’s a good idea to schedule touch-up appointments every 2–4 weeks to keep your extensions looking their best.

Wrapping up the eyelash extension aftercare

These rules for eyelash extension aftercare might be numerous and complicated to you. But what can be more satisfying than a lustrous lash extension set that brightens up your face? It’s worth the effort. It could be difficult and annoying at first, but we are sure that you’ll soon get used to it.

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