Volume eyelash extension technique

June 13, 2023 2 min read

Volume eyelash extension technique

Volume eyelash extension is the technique of connecting multiple false eyelashes onto one real eyelash. To join multiple false lashes onto one real lash by creating an eyelash fan attached to the real lash. To stick false eyelashes and real eyelashes together, eyelash extensions use glue to create a tight connection at the joint to help thick, long and curved eyelashes. Volume eyelash extensions have thin thickness depending on more or less eyelash fans and customer needs.

What is my fan?
What is my fan? Fan eyelash is a cluster of false eyelashes captured together at the base of false eyelashes with eyelash extension glue. Fan eyelashes have a variety of false eyelashes from 2 fibers to more than 10 eyelashes. In some eyelash extensions training centers or salons, depending on the number of lashes, fans are called: 2D = 2 strands, 3D = 3 strands, 4D = 4 strands, 5D = 5 strands, 6D = 6 strands, 7D = 7 strands, 8D = 8 yarns, 9D = 9 yarns, 10D = 10 yarns, etc.

What is a beautiful fan?
A beautiful fan is a fan that has evenly spread eyelashes, the false eyelashes are spaced at an equal distance similar to the same petals to form a flower. Beautiful eyelashes fan is the decisive factor for beautiful eyelashes or not? Professional eyelash extensions will practice this skill very carefully to serve customers with the best eyelash extensions.

Origin of volume eyelash extension technique?
Volume eyelash extension technique is one of the advanced beauty eyelash extension techniques from beautiful Russia. Inheriting previous eyelash extensions techniques such as classic eyelash extensions from Japan and angel eyelash extensions from Taiwan, the Russians have raised the level of eyelash extensions to another level.

Volume eyelash extension is an eyelash extension technique that creates a large and curved eyelash thickness for eyelash extensions. Westerners and a large part of Asians love thick, bold volume lashes.

Particularly for Westerners, they really like thick eyelashes, so volume eyelash extensions create a new trend for the beauty industry in the West.

Volume eyelash extension process
Step 1: Wrap a towel to shrink the customer's hair

Step 2: Clean lashes

Step 3: Remove protein to increase adhesion between eyelash joints

Step 4: Balance the humidity in the eyelash extension room

Step 5:Fix the lower lashes

Step 6: Shape the eyelash shape you choose to suit your eye shape

Step 7: Create fan lashes and apply glue

Step 8: Put fan-made false eyelashes on real eyelashes with eyelash extension glue

Step 9: Proceed to connect all real eyelashes to create thickness for eyelashes

Step 10: Connect the eyelashes to balance the two eyes together


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