GLAMOR LOOSE LASHES - Your All-in-One Eyelash Extension Supplier

We understand the hardship and obstacles on the way being successful Lash Business owner and artist. It's always about the balance of lash extension cost and its quality. GLAMOR will not let you down with it, here are bunches of standard quality lash extensions, yet good price ever, choose LASHES EXTENSIONS in all kinds, at your ease. 

Joining forces with us to increase client happiness and expand your business. We don't consider lash artists to be clients. Rather, we consider them to be friends, and we want to assist our friends optimize their time and profitsmaking every lash a masterpiece.

Been a long time since we started supplying leading lash and liquid manufacturing companies, global distributors, and industry experts with wide range and best quality products. Turning 2021 should be the very first step of GLAMOR to have our own brand distributing our well-picked eyelash extension in US and worldwide.


We supply any LASHES you should search for.

Huge typical range + Global Quality + Best price = GLAMOR.


Now, welcome you to the store! ♥️

  • Stock your eyelash extension and essential accessories.
  • Level up your talent as a wonderful lash artist.
  • Create your own signature of lash masterpiece.
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All the best, 

GLAMOR team with love.