Wispy 9D GLAMOREYELASH 500 FANS Ultra Speed Promade Fans | Natural Wispy Eyelashes Extensions | Handmade Individual Lashes Extension with 0.05mm of Mink Lashes



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Are you an Expert Lash Tech?

These promades are designed for advanced and beginner lash artists that have mastered isolating, mapping, layering, and applying lash sets. If you're looking to improve your lash speed while creating striking and awe-inspiring designs, these are the lashes for you!

What are wispy lashes? 

Our wispy fans are for those who want to add more artistic flair to their creations. Typically, you will use various lash lengths for a map, going up and down, creating high and low areas through the customers' eyes, and making some distinctive and eye-catching spikes with the closed fans. 

Why you should try our Wispy Lashes?

Don't miss out the latest lash trend to perfect your work

Wispy Lashes include a fan and a spike which is 3 lengths longer. Using this, you will double your lashing speed because you won't have to create both the closed fan and the wide fan. You can use them for a full set, but it is best to just mix them wherever you need a spike on your map.

How do GLAMOR wispy fans help you lash better?

Our wispy fans are handmade. Using our PROMADE WISPYS you will double your lashing speed because not only will you cut down your time creating a 9D fan, but also cut downtime creating the closed fans! You can use them for a full set, but it is best to just mix them wherever you need a spike on your map
ULTRA SPEED is more convenient than other kinds of lash which are sold in this false eyelash extension industry. Instead of digging for a fan like Loose Eyelash Extension, you can easily create a flawless look for your customer by following these steps:
Step 1: Pick up the promade fan line from the box with a lash tweezer
Step 2: Place the line on the Silicon Pad
Step 3: Pick up the fan and dip it into sticky glue
Step 4: Graft the fan on the eyelash area.
*If the silicon pad gets dirty after several uses, it can be simply cleaned with soap and reused.
✔Material: Mink lashes, soft, matte back
✔ Quantity: Each box contains 500 fans
✔ Volume: 5D/7D/9D
✔ Curl: C, CC, D
✔ Length: 8-16mm
✔ Thickness: 0.05mm/0.07mm
✔ Light glue bonding at the bases, very lightweight.
✔ Offer a fluffy, featherlight, matte black finish!
✔ Latex-Free
✔ Cruelty-free

    We are OBSESSED with our lashes. See for yourself


    Because the base is tiny, please make sure to use more glue than with larger base fans. Please watch the video to see how to properly apply our PROMADE lashes.

    Our Promade volume fans will take your lash sets to the next level, ushering in the future of lashing. We are confident that you will adore these lashes!

    We've made it easy for you to actually produce attractive, fluffy lash sets to your clients. Our Promade lashes are meticulously packaged on a sticker strip for quick pick-up and application.

    Perfect for busy Lash Artists or those newer to volume lashing.

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