Promade fans loose 3D 0.07, 4D 0.07 ,5D 0.07 | 500 fans


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What are Promade lashes?  

Our PROMADE LASHES are the ideal option for individuals who wish to achieve this wonderful drama while saving time and money. All of our lashes have a mild adhesive bonding at the base and are composed of high-quality mink. As a consequence, you get a high-quality, fluffy, featherlight lash with a matte black finish that is semi-glossed.

Why you should try our Promade lashes?

- This is a great product for Eyelash extension Professionals, as it’s easy to use for beauty. These long stem premade lashes can be used by beginner or seasoned lash artists alike.

- For Your clients, these lashes would be the best choice, as they are very light wear, silky, and perfectly curved. They are just like Your own lashes, only much fuller and longer.

- Adding more volume to your traditional settings while saving time with our lightweight pre-made volume fans.

- The curls and shine are constant, and the curls do not easily loosen after treatment, resulting in eyelashes that are pleasing to the sight.

How to use Promade lashes?

- Use tiles or silicone pads to secure wayward fans

- Dip a fan in glue and put it one at a time.

- Apply to the bottom or side of natural lashes for the maximum retention.

Our Promade lashes: 

  • 8 - 17mm in length
  • Comes with 500 Fans
  • Curl: C, CC, D curls
  • Made in soft matt black finish, mink
  • Each box has one size and curl
  • Minimum adhesive for the best results of bonding

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Because the base is tiny, please make sure to use more glue than with larger base fans. Please watch the video to see how to properly apply our PROMADE lashes.

Our Promade volume fans will take your lash sets to the next level, ushering in the future of lashing. We are confident that you will adore these lashes!

We've made it easy for you to actually produce attractive, fluffy lash sets to your clients. Our Promade lashes are meticulously packaged on a sticker strip for quick pick-up and application.

Perfect for busy Lash Artists or those newer to volume lashing.

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