Narrow Promade Trays 8D | 0.05 Single size and Mix size

Narrow fans aid in the creation of thick lash sets' dark, dense appearance. Excellent for volume and mega-volume. All our lashes are made from Korean PBT.

Our NARROW lashes: 

  • 8 - 17mm in lengths single
  • Mix size (8-9-10-11) , (12-13-14-15) 
  • Comes with 450 Fans
  • Curl: C, CC, D curls
  • Made in soft matt black finish, pro-mink korean PBT
  • One length per box: 9mm to 16mm or mix size 
  • Minimum adhesive for the best results of bonding
  • Vegan Friendly

How To Use:

  • Our lashes are designed for the collection from the base.
    You don't have to set out fans yourself because the lashes are laid out in rows, allowing you to keep organized, Promade Narrow Fans are fixed in rows, enabling lash artists to pluck the fans with tweezers effortlessly without any extra help. Tray packaging is a real-quick option that any seasoned lash artists want in their salon since it's compact, well-organized and professional inside out.
  • The Promade Narrow Fans are 100% handmade by Glamor lashes skilled artists with Korean PBT mink, and give high retention up to 24 months since its small base is super responsive to glue in any temperature condition

NOTE: Please make sure that you use more glue than with larger base fans because the base is small. Watch the video to see how our PROMADE laminates can be used correctly.

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