Flat Lashes Mix

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Are you an Expert Lash Tech?

These promades are designed for advanced and beginner lash artists that have mastered isolating, mapping, layering, and applying lash sets. If you're looking to improve your lash speed while creating striking and awe-inspiring designs, these are the lashes for you!

What are Flat Lashes?

Flat lashes are also known as ellipse or cashmere lashes. There are several benefits of flat lashes, and they are perfect for use in a classic or hybrid lash extension set. They appear denser and more dramatic than a classic lash of the same weight. If a client wants dramatic lashes but can’t tolerate the weight of regular lashes, flat lashes are a must. Also, clients who have thin lashes can tolerate flat lashes without any damage to their natural lashes.

Why you should try our Flat Lashes?

The perfect classic & hybrid lash extension set to fasten your work

Because Flat lashes are good, they provide:

- Increased eyeliner effect
- Amplified texture
- Improved retention because the contact area for the adhesive is larger
- More volume without the extra weight
- Elevated drama
- Ability to use less adhesive.

"Most lash artists prefer flat lashes as they create a more dramatic look without compromising the health of the client’s lashes."

How to use Flat Lashes?

Cashmere flat lashes require a specific application technique with only a small amount of glue. Flat lashes should be positioned on top or bottom of natural lashes, not on the sides as some regular lashes can be.

Flat lashes should not be used as a whole set, but rather as a supplement to other sets to provide volume. This is due to the high shine of flat lashes; too many flat lashes together create a phony "plastic" impression. Use cashmere lashes to augment other eyelash extensions for a fuller, more natural look.

Our Flat lashes mix:

  • Curl: C, CC, D, U curl
  • Mixed Lengths 8mm-15mm
  • Diameter: 0.2mm

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Because the base is tiny, please make sure to use more glue than with larger base fans. Please watch the video to see how to properly apply our PROMADE lashes.

Our Promade volume fans will take your lash sets to the next level, ushering in the future of lashing. We are confident that you will adore these lashes!

We've made it easy for you to actually produce attractive, fluffy lash sets to your clients. Our Promade Mini lashes are meticulously packaged on a sticker strip for quick pick-up and application.

Perfect for busy Lash Artists or those newer to volume lashing.

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