What is a fairy wing eyelash extension?

May 25, 2023 4 min read

What is a fairy wing eyelash extension?

What is a fairy wing eyelash extension?

Fairy wing eyelash extensions are certainly no longer a strange name to the beauty market today. This type of eyelash extension also has another very cute and friendly name, which is angel eyelash extensions. This is a trend created by eyelash extensions technicians from a traditional eyelash extension technique called classic eyelash extensions.

Fairy wing eyelash extensions will be combined by 2 false eyelashes and 2 real eyelashes together. This combination will give the lashes a V-shaped shape, which is said to resemble angel wings.

What kind of false eyelashes do fairy wings use?

Usually, experts will use false eyelashes with a thickness of about 0.07 - 0.1 mm. This is said to be the ideal thickness to create natural-looking angel lashes, which will not be too thin like traditional classic eyelash extensions and not too thick like other types of extensions. Besides, with this type of thick eyelashes, it will help your false eyelashes look softer and softer. It can enhance the attractive eyes, while being extremely feminine and elegant.

Features of fairy wing eyelash extensions

Because this is a fairly popular type of eyelash extension today, both the advantages and disadvantages of this type of connection are of great interest to women.

Advantages of fairy wings

This is a perfect combination between classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions. Thanks to the delicate combination, the fairy wings will not be too monotonous, but also not too thick.

Eyelash extensions will make your eyes more attractive with a combination of a little sophistication and lightness with a little youthfulness and dynamism.

Eyelash extensions are considered suitable for all faces. From round face shape or long face shape, oval face ... can apply this type of eyelash extension.

Different ages can be suitable for this type of eyelash extension.

The time for angel eyelashes can be kept for as long as 4 to 6 weeks. This is said to be the longest time compared to other eyelash extensions. Because to connect fairy wings, the technician uses glue to connect the dots twice, the connection is small in size, so it is extremely strong.

Eyelash extensions make your eyes more attractive

Disadvantages of fairy wings

Because it has the longest retention time, it will take 2 times longer to perform this eyelash extension technique. Therefore, girls should choose weekends or free time to comfortably beautify without being bound and constrained by time.

The method of eyelash extensions is done by you in the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Eye test, allergy test

Eye condition is said to be the first and most important factor to decide whether you qualify for eyelash extensions or not. Because in the process of eyelash extensions, some chemical components such as adhesives will come into direct contact and affect the eyes. Therefore, it is essential to learn and test ingredients that cause irritation or allergies.

If you have some eye problems that are swollen or weak eyelashes are not eligible to perform, it is best to recover before proceeding with eyelash extensions. Because in addition to factors related to health, if the eyelashes are too thin, the process and results of fairy wing eyelash extensions are not as aesthetic as usual.

eyelash extensions

The first step when conducting eyelash extensions is to check for eye allergies

Step 2: Remove makeup and clean the eye area

Cleaning the eye area and eyelashes helps you avoid maximum cases of eye diseases during the procedure of eyelash extensions. To clean the eyes, there are 2 steps as follows:

Use makeup removers with mild PH levels and are oil-free. Besides, you can also use a cotton pad or soft towel to gently wipe the eye area 3-4 times with clean water to clean the makeup remaining on the face.

eyelash extensions

However, you can only use a cotton ball or soft towel, soak a little clean water or salt solution to gently wipe the eyes for a face without makeup.

Step 3: Start the process of eyelash extensions

Starting to perform the eyelash extension process, the technicians will use specialized adhesive tape used in spa to fix the lower lashes. Then each individual eyelash will be dipped into the glue, the technician will use specialized tweezers to attach to the real eyelashes.

This is considered a decisive stepping stone for fairy wings to have a beautiful form or not, so it should be done carefully and meticulously. Using the right amount of glue, not too much or too little will be the top factor to help you own perfect eyelashes.

Next, we will attach 1 false eyelash to the left side of the real eyelash, then attach another eyelash on the side with a distance of 2mm. The shape of the eyelashes will form a symmetrical angel wing shape, with a very beautiful V shape.

eyelash extensions

The process of making eyelash extensions needs to be careful and meticulous

Step 4: Check and attach eyelashes in the unbalanced parts

Stitching and re-checking after forming will help you check the quality. If there are areas that are sparse or not in the right form, you can add a few more lashes to that space. And finally, the method of performing fairy wing eyelash extensions has been completed.

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