The most popular types of tweezers today

June 01, 2023 2 min read

The most popular types of tweezers today

The most popular types of tweezers today

Tweezers tongs:

This type of tweezers is used to line the eyelashes or adjust the eye tape accordingly. Create favorable conditions for eyelash extensions afterwards. At the same time, it also aims to protect the eyes and skin of customers. This tweezer has a straight shape, the tip is slightly rounded. Many eyelash extensions often prefer this type of tool. Because it is light, it does not cause hand fatigue.

Besides, the tip of the tweezers is not only round but also slightly pointed, so it has very good elasticity. Make eyelash extensions faster and more convenient. The feature is that the shape is straight, but the tip of the tweezers is slightly rounded. The outstanding advantage of this type of tweezers is that it is light and does not cause hand fatigue. When the technician works for a long time and the tip of the tweezers is sharp, it has good elasticity.

Straight eyelash tweezers:

Tweezers head, straight body. This type of tweezers is used to pick up 1-2 lashes when connecting. This is considered one of the most popular tools that every eyelash extensionist has.

The craftsman may have been familiar with the straight eyelash tweezers since the first days of apprenticeship. Because this type is very easy to use, it is suitable for connecting basic eyelash styles.

Eyelash tweezers:

This type of tweezers is also known as Eyelash Tweezers. They will be used in tandem with straight eyelash tweezers. Eyelash tweezers have the main use: is to separate each false eyelash to connect to the real eyelash. Although it is quite time consuming, but the function of eyelash tweezers is very necessary. It will ensure evenness, for the client's newly attached lashes.

This type of tweezers also ensures that the connector does not feel clumsy. Or miss the real lashes that are not connected.

Eyelash Tweezers Volume:

Volume eyelash extension is to use 1-5 false eyelashes attached to a real eyelash. Thanks to that, the new lashes will be soft and naturally curled. And bring impressive beauty. This is also the reason why Mi Volume is currently the most popular style among customers. To be able to perform this type of eyelash extension, the eyelash tweezers also have a more special effect.

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