Share How Eyelash Extensions Bridge Hair Through Eyelash Extensions

June 02, 2023 2 min read

Share How Eyelash Extensions Bridge Hair Through Eyelash Extensions

Share How Eyelash Extensions Bridge Hair Through Eyelash Extensions

Do you know about an eyelash extension technique that bridges the eyelash root with a hair or false eyelashes to create a cross-link for the eyelashes, prevent tipping and better yet, overcome the balding eyelashes? mi takes a long space.

This is essentially a method to fix weak eyelashes: squeezing a bridge over the base of the eyelashes to overcome weak eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions regardless of types of thin, short, weak eyelashes ... because there is a strong pillar design for false eyelashes to rely on, The horizontal hair fiber creates a horizontal link that helps the lashes last longer, tilt over time and have an effect. Using the force caused by false eyelashes, helps real eyelashes not be heavy. 

Eyelashes can grow at will. Unaffected. Eyelash extensions combined with hair extensions can create the desired thickness even though your natural lashes are not thick. However, you should not overdo this method.

If your eyelashes are sparse, bald, and want to take care of your eyelashes without having to remove them, you should use this hair-bridging technique. Because in addition to overcoming thickening, the false eyelashes will duwah large into the created eyelash bridge to help the real eyelashes not be subjected to the main force. About 2-3 weeks of removing eyelashes, the customer's eyelashes have improved a lot without having to remove them.

Contraindicated to use this eyelash for customers who often pry and pull eyelashes. Because really if you have a bad habit like pulling, prying false eyelashes when connecting, any technique you have will not be good for your real eyelashes. You should keep in mind that if your lashes are strong or durable, 50% of your responsibility is the customer's responsibility

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