Double-layerd easy fan lashes-new revolution

March 01, 2024 3 min read

Double-layerd easy fan lashes-new revolution

Welcome to the future of lash extensions with GlamoreyelashLash latest innovation: Double-Layered Easy Fan Lashes. In this blog, we’re unveiling a game-changing advancement in the world of lash artistry.

Double Layer Easy Fan Lashes are set to redefine the way lash artists create stunning volume sets, offering unparalleled ease, and efficiency, and creating fan results. Join us as we delve into the details of this exciting new product and discover how it’s transforming the lash industry one fan at a time.


Highlight of double-layered easy fan lashes

30% lighter than traditional lashes

Experience the ultimate in lash perfection double-layered easy fan lashes. Crafted from soft, lightweight German PBT fiber using innovative Hollow technology, these lashes are 30% lighter than traditional options.

They are 100% cruelty-free, latex-free, and formaldehyde-free, ensuring a safe and comfortable application. The natural black, semi-matte finish provides a stunning look, while the unique sticky base keeps lashes bonded together for effortless fan creation.

Double lashes per strip

The double-layer design of easy fan lashes is a game-changer in the lash industry. Unlike traditional lashes, each strip has two layers, boosting volume and density. This innovation makes it easier for lash artists to create fuller, more textured looks effortlessly. With double the lashes, clients get a natural yet dramatic effect, enhancing their overall beauty. Plus, it helps artists work faster, making double-layered easy fan lashes a must-have for any lash professional.
double-layered easy fan lashes

Thin base

Our new easy fan lashes boast a thin base with just 1 mm of glue used, providing a range of advantages for both lash artists and clients. This minimal use of glue not only reduces the risk of clumping but also ensures a clean and precise application process. With less adhesive required, the resulting lash set feels incredibly lightweight, maximizing comfort for clients throughout wear.
thin base double-layered
Additionally, the thin base promotes smooth and effortless lash application, enabling lash artists to achieve flawless results with ease.

Clean lash root without glue residue

The ability to clean the lash root without leaving any glue residue is a new feature of double-layered easy fan lashes. The innovative design ensures that only a minimal amount of glue is used at the base, making it easier to clean lash root.
Clean lash without glue residue

Why you should choose double-layered easy fan lashes?

Save time

It has additional glue at the base which saves time for lash artists in creating beautiful fans.

Flexible customization

With the ability to customize the number of lashes on each fan, it allows lash artists to create perfect lash sets tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Suitable for all lash artists

Not just for experienced experts, this product is also suitable for beginners in the industry.

Enhanced bonding

By adding an extra layer of glue to stick double-layered lashes, Double Layer Easy Fan Lashes facilitate easier fan creation on strips. It ensures stronger adhesion and avoids the risk of loose bases during use compared to the old- one-layered easy fan lashes.

Save cost

Compared to premade fans, Double-Layer Easy Fan Lashes offer a more affordable price without sacrificing quality. This cost-effective option allows lash artists to customize the number of fans based on each client’s needs, minimizing material wastage and maximizing efficiency.
The enhanced bonding of the double-layer design ensures longer-lasting lash sets, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups and further increasing savings.


Curl Options

Choose from a wide range of curl types including J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, M, V, L+, and LD to achieve the desired look for your clients.


Available in two thickness options, 0.05 and 0.07, providing versatility to create varying lash styles from natural to dramatic.

Length Customization

Each strip offers the flexibility to customize lengths, allowing for 2-3 different lengths per strip. This customization ensures a tailored lash look for every client.
customizable easy fan lashes

Packaging Variety

Select between plastic boxes or eco-friendly paper boxes for packaging, catering to different preferences and environmental concerns.
Experience the versatility and convenience of  double-layered easy fan lashes today! With a wide range of curl options, thicknesses, and customizable lengths, these lashes offer endless possibilities for creating stunning lash looks.
Plus, their innovative design with a thin base and minimal glue usage ensures a smooth and hassle-free application process, leaving behind no glue residue. Whether you’re a seasoned lash artist or just starting out, these easy fan lashes are perfect for achieving effortless volume and texture.
Try them now and elevate your lash game to new heights!

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