Classic vs Flat Lashes – What’s the Difference?

March 06, 2024 3 min read

Classic vs Flat Lashes – What’s the Difference?

Achieve bold classic sets without damaging your client’s natural lashes. This is the secret to more drama is with less weight! Now let's find out what the main differences are between Classic and Flat lashes.

1. What are Classic lashes?

Classic lashes (also known as ‘mink’ or ‘silk’ lashes) are the most commonly used type of lash extensions. When you start learning lashing, you will learn how to use these lashes first. They are normally applied using the 1:1 technique (one extension on one natural lash). The most popular diameter for these lashes is 0.15mm, though 0.10mm/0.12mm can also be used for fine, weak natural lashes, and 0.18mm/0.20mm for strong, tall telogen lashes.

2. What are Flat lashes?

Flat lashes also go by a few different names, including ‘ellipse’ and ‘cashmere’ lashes. They are also applied using the 1:1 classic application technique.

Benefits of using Flat lashes

The biggest difference between regular classic lashes and flat lashes is the shape. Whereas normal classic lashes have a round, circular base. Flat lashes have a flatter, more oval shape. Their specifically designed base brings a lot of benefits, including:

Increased retention

Lash Jungle Flat Lashes

The oval-shaped base sits perfectly on the natural lash (which is circular-shaped), creating a larger bonding point for adhesive. This will lead to better lash retention.

  • Ultra-lightweight 

Lash Jungle Flat lashes

Flat lashes weigh less than half of what classic lashes weigh. Even though both offer the same diameter – say 0.15mm –the height of the flat lashes is only 0.07mm. This means they’re perfect for weak, short, fine and damaged natural lashes. With flat lashes, you can even still offer 0.20mm lashes to those clients with short or thin natural lashes who wish to have a darker, thicker look, without compromising their lash health.

  • Easier application

Due to their flatter base and enlarged bonding area, flat lashes are easier to apply. Their curve hugs the natural lash more closely, creating a better bond. You’ll feel the difference right away – they just attach to natural lashes so much better.

  • Super soft tips with a matte finish

Glamoreyelash ellipse flat lashes are made using the very latest technology. Made with the highest quality material, they offer an extra soft feeling. Your clients will love the comfort of these lashes! These lashes’ split tips also create a natural and fluffy effect, similar to a volume set. In addition, Lash Jungle’s flat lashes offer a luxurious matte finish, unlike other flat lashes on the market that have a super glossy and very plasticky feel.

Lash Jungle Flat Lashes

3. How to use flat lashes

Here are a few pro tips, so you can master flat lashes in no time!

  1. Due to their flat shape, flat lashes should be applied from the top or bottom of the natural lashes to achieve good retention - never from the side.
  2. It’s easy to create a textured hybrid set with flat lashes. All you need to do is to mix flat lashes and promade fans. Apply the flat lashes first to roughly 50% of the client’s natural lashes, then fill in the rest with volume fans that are 2-3mm shorter. Your clients will LOVE that wispy strip lash-like look!

In conclusion, classics can be used to achieve a natural and tidier look. They are also the most standard and commonly used lash extensions, whereas flat lashes are still a new style that many lash technicians haven’t tried yet.

However, flat lashes offer so many benefits, including the ability to create a dramatic result without damaging your client’s natural lashes. We recommend you play around with them and consider offering them to your clients so you can provide them with different options to choose from! Try flat lashes today at

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