Classic blend of curl, length and thickness

May 09, 2023 2 min read

 Classic blend of curl, length and thickness

Classic blend of curl, length and thickness

Mixing curvature, length and thickness of eyelashes will help you have attractive eyes full of charm. Each different mix will combine with different lengths and thicknesses of eyelashes. Currently, two popular eyelash extensions techniques are Classic and Volume.

Classic eyelash extensions

Classic style is a type of eyelash extension that combines 1 false eyelash on 1 real eyelash to help you have the most natural eyelashes. When performing this type of extension, the eyelashes will be longer and curlier than the real eyelashes but not thickened with thin thin eyelashes.

This type of extension will be suitable for girls who love naturalness and for weak and sensitive eyelashes. About how to choose the parameters of the thickness of the Classic lashes as follows:

  • Thickness 0.10 is the lowest thickness: for this eyelash, when applying eyelash extensions, all fibers must be connected to see the eyelashes look thicker and darker. This eyelash line is suitable for customers with weak eyelashes, who like natural eyelashes and are afraid of heavy eyes.
  • Thickness 0.12 is the average thickness: this line of eyelashes when connected still ensures the natural but will have a darker thickness, saving effort when connecting more eyelashes.
  • Thickness 0.15 is the thickest thickness for customers with strong eyelashes, hard fibers, suitable for faces with European features.

The curvature of the eyelashes in the classic style often used is the C and D curvature to help customers have natural curled eyelashes. The length of the eyelashes needs to be equivalent to the length of the real eyelashes and according to the needs of the customer. When applying eyelash extensions, you need to be 1 to 2 mm away from the base of the eyelashes. The point to note for this style is that the eyelash extension should not be too long, it will make the eyelashes unnatural and obstruct the view.

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