Mix curvature, length and volume in Volume . style

May 10, 2023 2 min read

Mix curvature, length and volume in Volume . style

Mix curvature, length and volume in Volume . style

Eyelash extensions in Volume style

Volume is a style towards curvy, thick lashes full of charm and impressive. This eyelash grafting technique has many different designs such as fishtail eyelashes, cat eye lashes, angel eyelashes, black rose eyelashes ...

Volume eyelash extensions use multiple lash extensions that are bunched together and the ends of the lashes will spread out like a fan called a fan and will be attached to the real lash. This type of extension will increase the thickness of sparse lashes and help you have eyes full of personality. Mi Volume has the parameters of a fan about 0.03, 0.05, 0.07. How to choose the parameters of the thickness of the eyelashes Volume as follows:

  • The thickness of 0.03 is thin silk used to connect 6 or more eyelashes such as 6D, 7D, 8D... This line of eyelashes is for customers who like thick eyelashes but weak eyelashes and want gentle eyes. The 0.03 eyelash extension technique also requires high patience and meticulousness.
  • The thickness of 0.05 is medium thin lashes, suitable for customers with medium eyelashes and this connection method does not need many lashes and the time is also faster than 0.03 eyelashes.
  • The thickness of 0.07 is a bit thick, suitable for customers with strong eyelashes, who like thick and sharp eyelashes. This eyelash extension technique is very quick and covers the lashes.

In addition, mi 0.10 is also used for foreign guests but should only be combined with a small fan like 5D. You can connect 1 fan lashes with different number of lashes, can be from 3 to 10 strands depending on customer needs, 1D will correspond to 1 lash. About mi fans, 3D, 4D will create an average effect for you, 5D will help you become thicker...

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