How to apply eyelash extensions to instantly have perfect beautiful lashes

May 09, 2023 2 min read

How to apply eyelash extensions to instantly have perfect beautiful lashes

How to apply eyelash extensions to instantly have perfect beautiful lashes

The miles of eyelashes are also very important, so when you have an eyelash extension you have learned about reputable places to join, you should continue to mile there. The place where you have your eyelash extensions already understands and is familiar with your lash style, which is also easy to check and repeat. Here is the professional eyelash extension process.

Prepare and clean the eyelash extension tool

Eyelashes are located on the eyelids, this is a sensitive place that is easily damaged, so cleaning all tools is a must. Have all tools ready and clean with specialized detergent or dilute salt water. Dry and place in a dedicated tray.

Clean hands is a safe way to apply eyelash extensions

The hands of the milesmith also need to ensure that they are clean and disinfected. Because hands are exposed to many locations and are easy to carry germs. Pay attention to wear medical gloves to ensure absolute hygiene when performing the eyelash extension procedure.

Eyelid hygiene is important for proper eyelash extensions

Clean the eye area, eyelash extensions and new false eyelashes. This eases the mile process. Avoid infection. Eyelash extensions will be more beautiful and even.

Eyelash extensions are also suitable for miles

Make sure that the area of the eyelash extension is intact or is still around 70%. If you've let your lashes fall out too much, then reapplying them won't work. It is necessary to correct or reattach the eyelashes if not guaranteed.

Remove the long eyelashes

Carefully check the condition of the eyelashes, trim the eyelashes that are too long, curled. This helps to minimize the problem of eyelash extensions breaking when applying. Helps increase the strength of eyelashes. At the same time will give the result a much stronger, more beautiful and curled lashes.

Finally, the mile step. As long as the above steps have been performed and completed in full, owning beautiful eyelashes is too easy. Although it takes a lot of steps, but for reputable eyelash extensions, this problem is very simple. Therefore, it is still important to find a good and skilled eyelash extension address.

Eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions to own beautiful eyes is a method chosen by many women because it is simple, as well as helping to shorten the time on makeup every day. In the above article, I have helped you answer the question "Why do you have to apply eyelash extensions and how to get beautiful eyelashes right away", I hope you will have a great eyelash for yourself.


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