Protein Remover HaMee

Protein Remover.
Protein Remover – Eyelash Extension Protein acts as an eyelash care solution and de-oils real eyelashes as an eyelash cleaning tool. In addition, Protein also has the effect of nourishing real eyelashes. Protein is not spicy at all. How to use is to apply on real eyelashes before applying. Increases the durability of eyelash extensions. The product is trusted by professional eyelash extension technicians.

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Benefits of Protein Remover
Enhance resistance: Contains protein and essential nutrients. Eyelash Extension Protein helps eyelashes become healthier. Resistance to environmental impacts and the eyelash extension process.

Thick and long eyelashes: Nutrients in Eyelash Extension Protein stimulate cell growth and division. Helps eyelashes become thicker and longer naturally.
Create a good foundation for eyelash extensions: Eyelash Extension Protein helps create the best environment for the eyelash extension process. Helps eyelash extensions adhere more easily and last longer.
Protects eyelashes: Nutrient ingredients in Eyelash Extension Protein help protect and maintain the softness and strength of natural eyelashes.
*How to use Protein Remover

  • Step 1: Wash your eyelashes and dry with an eyelash cotton.
  • Step 2: Use a small brush to apply a small amount of Protein to all natural lashes.
  • Step 3: Use your ring finger to gently massage your eyelashes from root to tip to enhance product absorption.
Expected results For all eyelash types
Combine Protein with professional eyelash extensions process. You will see clear results from your eyelashes. Your eyes will become more attractive than ever with thick, long and durable eyelashes.

Regardless of your eyelash type: long, short, thin or thick. Protein still provides optimal results and is suitable for all types of eyelashes.

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