Gladys eyelashperm kit VIP

Introducing gladys eyelashperm kit
Step 1: Fix the lower lashes with a special tape used in eyelash curling

Step 2: Choose the right curling size for your eyelash length

Step 3: Swipe the glue and hold for a while so that the entire lashes hug the eyelash extension shaft

Step 4: Use eyelash curler

There are 4 types of eyelash curlers and each has different effects when used

Drug 1: Has the effect of curling the eyelashes: Apply the drug for 20 minutes depending on the thickness and thinness of the eyelashes, if the eyelashes are thicker, apply the longer.

Drug 2: Has the effect of shaping eyelashes: Apply time for about 15-20 minutes

Drug 3: Has a nourishing effect on eyelashes, this is a drug containing a large amount of collagen: Apply within 5 minutes

Drug 4: Has the effect of removing the eyelashes from the eyelash extension shaft: When applied to the eyelashes, they will peel off themselves from the eyelash extension shaft.

Specific details on how to use:

-Cleanse lashes

- Use an eyelash brush to straighten lashes

-Put the rubber shaft under the lashes

-Use glue to catch eyelashes evenly on the shaft

-Leave it on for about 3-5 minutes and then pull the lashes to stick to the shaft

(Note: you should let the lashes run straight along the grooves in the shaft)

-Apply the order of drugs 1 2 3 4

+ Medicine 1: 20 minutes

+ Medicine 2: 15 minutes

+ Medicine 3: 10 minutes

+ Medicine 4: 5 minutes.

(Note: Depending on the type of eyelashes as well as the properties of the eyelashes, they can be changed accordingly)