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Color eyelash extensions, also known as color-mixed eyelash extensions, have the feature of being outstanding and impressive, so they are rarely used in everyday eyelash extensions. But if you want to use them in a regular style, it's okay, you can choose to mix a few strands at the bottom of the eye, or alternate a few strands in the middle.

Mi mix colors will be most suitable when used in the following cases:

- Art photography

- Fashion show, make-up

- Demonstration of eyelash designs

- Go to a party, or for those of you with outstanding personality

So eyelash extensions workers also need to know how to connect color eyelashes, be more creative when customers have needs.

How to Connect Mi Mix Color

Eyelash extensions with mixed colors not only add a gorgeous look to the face, but also an art that has been attracting the attention of young people. Because it is considered a false eyelash, it cannot be completely natural for those who are connected. However, it must ensure a comfortable feeling, there are no problems such as heavy eyelids, eyestrain, itching that cause discomfort for the eye. eye.

Colored eyelashes must be carefully checked before joining to ensure the safety of customers.

The process of eyelash extensions mixing colors takes place in the following order:

Step 1: Advise customers about eyelash extensions to mix colors. Choose colors according to customer needs.

Step 2: Clean the eyelashes to be connected and the eye area for the client

Step 3: Fix the lower lashes

Step 4: Trim eyelashes for customers (in case the customer has relatively even and beautiful eyelashes)

Step 5: Connect black eyelashes according to the chosen style to have ready-made eyelashes, then add color eyelashes to create accents

Step 6: Dip each color eyelash into a sufficient amount of glue, attach it gently on the eyelashes to the position as planned. So that the eyelashes are alternately colored, creating the desired style and spreading naturally.

Step 7: After completing the eyelash extension, check again before the customer leaves

Step 8: There are instructions for customers how to take care of eyelash extensions.

+ Use colored lashes to join the upper or lower layer of your lashes

You will divide the eyelashes into 2 layers, you can choose the shape of the eyelashes you like, then 1 layer you use black eyelashes, the other layer use color eyelashes. Which type of eyelashes in the layer below can choose a longer lash size to make it stand out.

You can add colored lashes below or above like this.

+ Alternating a few lashes

With this eyelash extension, this color will not be too prominent, very easy to use. When you're almost done, you can add a few single lashes or volume of color scattered along the lash line.

+ Eyelash extensions as accents at the corners of the eyes

In this style, you will use really prominent color eyelashes to connect to the tail of the eye to make a clear highlight for the lashes, which will look best with fishtail or cat eye lashes.

+ Full color eyelash extensions

This design color eyelash extension is the most creative, but it is only suitable for performance because it is very impressive and fancy. You can mix different colors in an ombre style, or based on the imitation of an image or animal.

In addition, the use of colored eyelashes can also be more innovative depending on the creativity of the eyelash extensionist. The technique of color eyelash extension is also completely similar to black eyelash extension.

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