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When it comes to achieving stunning lash enhancements, understanding different eye shapes and customization options is key. Styles of eyelash extensions play a crucial role in accentuating eye shapes and creating personalized lash looks. Join us as we explore the art of enhancing eye shapes with lash extensions and delve into the world of customized lash looks.


Let's explore the different lash extension styles that can beautifully enhance each eye shape:


Almond eyes are perfectly suited for all different lash styles and look great in almost any curl. This eye shape also works with both classic lash extensions and volumes. Client consultation is especially important for those with almond shaped eyes. If the client wants an elongated feline eye look, choose the cat eye lash map. If the client wants to look more awake, or have their eyes appear slightly lifted, choose the open eye lash map. Keep in mind, a client can have almond eyes that are also either close-set or wide set. In this case, you can adjust the style to accomodate.  (More details on this below!)


To enhance round eyes, lash technicians often recommend placing emphasis on the outer corner of the eye to create an elongated effect. The kitten or cat eye lash maps are recommended for round, or protruding shaped eyes. Use a flatter curl when working with round eyes such as a B or C curl lash extension. Volume lash extensions can be very beautiful on round eyes. The added fullness and length provided by volume lashes help create the illusion of elongated eyes, making them appear more almond-shaped.


For hooded eyes, lash extensions that focus on adding length and curl are ideal. Place emphasis on the middle of the eye using a stronger curl such as a C or D curl. The best lash extension maps for hooded shaped eyes are the doll eye and the open eye styles. 


Monolid eyes can benefit from lash extensions that add depth and definition. Applying longer lash extensions to the outer corner helps accentuate the beautiful natural cat eye look. To create more of a dramatic lift, a D curl or even an L curl can be used. Place the strong curl in the middle of the eye to create a more open-eyed look. Consult with the client to find out their desired outcome. Both classic and volume lash extensions can be tailored to suit monolid eyes, providing an enhanced and captivating appearance.


Deep-set eyes can be beautifully accentuated with lash extensions that offer length and thickness. Lash extensions that would be very noticeable on other eye shapes, often look very subtle on deep set eyes. Use glamour and length to get these beautiful eyes to stand out. The doll eye lash map is a great way to add length and glamour to deep-set eyes. Volume lash extensions, with their voluminous and fluttery effect, are particularly suitable for deep-set eyes.


To enhance upturned eyes, lash technicians often recommend cat eye lash extensions. This style features longer extensions towards the outer corners of the eyes, creating a lifted and elongated look that complements the natural shape of upturned eyes. To reduce the appearance of upturned eyes, use shorter lash extensions on the outer corners and place more emphasis on the inner corner. The natural lash map is also perfect for upturned eyes. 

Eye shapes guide for lash extensions


Understanding different eye shapes is essential in the world of lash extensions and lash proper lash style. Among the various eye shapes, one common distinction is between long and short eyes. You may have noticed that some eyes are naturally longer in width than others. Even if the eye shape, and distance between the eyes is the same. Client's often wonder why their lashes don't look exactly like the picture they gave you, or exactly like their friend's lashes. This can be part of the reason why! Let's explore the features of long and short eye shapes and how lash extensions can help create a balanced and captivating look.


If you have long eyes, you may notice that your eyes appear elongated vertically. Some eyes are naturally longer in width than others. To enhance long eyes, lash extensions can be used strategically to create balance and definition. Here are some considerations for lash extensions styles:

  1. Curvature and Length: If clients want to accentuate the natural elongated look, use a softer curl such as a C curl, and focus length on the outer corners. To reduce the elongated look and create more of an open eye appearance, use a strong curl such as a D curl, and focus length in the center of the eye. Use a cat eye lash map to elongate the eye, or an open-eye lash map to create lift. 
  2. Volume and Fullness: Consider volume lash extensions to add depth and fullness to your lashes. By creating density closer to the lash line, you can create a more balanced and proportional look.

Lash extensions can work wonders in elongating shorter eyes if that is the desired look. Here are some tips for lash extensions styles that suit short eye shapes:

  1. Curvature and Lift: To achieve an elongated look, choose a softer curl such as a C curl and focus length on the outer corner of the eyes. Place lash extensions in an outward direction on both the outer and inner corners to achieve the illusion of more length on each side of the eye. 
  2. Graduated Length: Opt for a lash design that focuses on lengthening the outer corner of the lash line. A cat eye lash map is perfect for creating the illusion of a longer eye. 



 long and short eye diagram for lash extensionsEYE SHAPES AND LASH STYLES

Every client has unique eye shapes and preferences. It's important to communicate with them to understand their desired outcome for there expected style of eyelash extensions. For example, a client may benefit from an open eye shape but still desires the captivating effect of a cat eye look. As a lash technician, it's essential to inform clients that lash styles can be adjusted to meet their expectations.

To determine the most suitable lash style, consider following the curvature of the client's natural brow. This approach helps create a cohesive and harmonious look that complements their features. By aligning the lash extensions with the natural brow shape, you can enhance the overall appearance and maintain a balanced aesthetic.


Cat eye eyelash extensions are a highly popular style that can elevate your look with a lifted and angled appearance. The cat eye tends to have an elongating effect and less of a lifting effect. These extensions are designed with a gradual lengthening effect, starting shorter near the inner corner and becoming longer towards the outer corner. The result is a flattering look that suits most eye shapes, whether you prefer a natural or dramatic finish.

To achieve the best results, a skilled lash technician may opt for slightly shorter extensions above the very outer corner of the eye. This technique effectively lifts the eye, creating a more pronounced effect. It's crucial to strike the right balance, as excessively long extensions at the outer corner can make your eyes appear downturned, which may not be desired.


For those seeking an adorable and open-eyed look, doll style lash extensions are an excellent choice. This style involves placing the longest lashes at the center of the lash line, just above the iris. The lashes gradually become shorter towards the inner corner and maintain a medium length at the outer corner.

Although the term "doll lashes" may vary in interpretation, it generally refers to either staggered extensions or a rounded look with long or medium-length lashes along the outer three-quarters of the lash line. This style creates the illusion of a rounder eye shape while maintaining a glamorous and captivating appearance.


Open eye lash extensions are similar to doll style lashes but often offer a more intense effect. With this style, the lashes are longest at the center of the lash line and gradually shorten towards the inner and outer corners. The longer lashes at the center provide an eye-opening and rounder appearance, enhancing the overall lift of your eyes.


Reverse cat eye lash extensions offer a unique twist on the traditional cat eye style, albeit with a less extreme approach. In this style, the lashes are shortest at the inner corner and gradually lengthen just past the inner corner before gently tapering back to a medium and slightly shorter length at the outer corner.

While not as commonly requested, reverse cat eye extensions can work well with certain eye shapes. However, it's essential to rely on a highly skilled lash stylist who understands how to blend and taper the extension lengths to achieve a flattering look.


Squirrel-style eyelash extensions (also known as the kitten eye) provide a distinctive variation of cat eye lash extension styles, delivering the illusion of upturned eyes. In this style, the lashes are longest in the second-to-last quadrant, just above the outer half of the iris. As the lashes progress towards the inner corner, they gradually become shorter, with the shortest lashes placed at the inner corner.

This glamorous style lifts and opens up the eyes, offering a captivating and alluring appearance.


The fox lash style aims to achieve a natural yet alluring look with a sexy and flirtatious expression. The lashes are longer in the outer corner, following the natural curve of the eye and creating a soft and beautiful effect. The irregularity and asymmetry of this style contribute to its natural appearance, which becomes more pronounced when the eyes are closer together.

To create the fox lash style, lash technicians use the "angel wing" technique, placing shorter lashes on the inner corners and gradually lengthening them towards the outer corners. A dramatic curl, such as an L curl is often used with the fox eye lash map to create a more extreme lift. 


The natural eyelash extension style seeks to mimic the natural length pattern of your lashes, resulting in a subtle, light look with a hint of roundness. Depending on your natural lashes and eye shape, your stylist may suggest variations such as natural cat eye extensions with gradual lengthening or a doll eyelash extension look.


Staggered eyelash extensions offer a trendy and edgy style that incorporates alternating longer and shorter extensions to create a spiky look. This style allows for versatility, enabling you to rock mixed styles like staggered doll eye or staggered cat eye extensions. The overall shape can vary, providing a unique and eye-catching appearance.


Wispy eyelash extensions are the demure cousins of staggered extensions. While still featuring length variation, they combine fewer lashes of similar lengths together, resulting in a fluttery and feathered look. This style is incredibly pretty and soft, offering a delicate enhancement to your natural lashes.


Colored eyelash extensionscan be a fun and exciting choice. If you're looking for a natural style, brown extensions can blend seamlessly with your lashes. For a more adventurous look, ask your lash technician about other available colors, such as blue, purple, or pink. You can even mix lash colors to achieve a highlighted effect that adds flair and uniqueness. Read our blog post on the advantages of colored lashes here. 


Don't hesitate to discuss your preferences with your lash stylist, as they can create a custom lash map tailored specifically to your eye shape and desired style. Whether you aim for a Kim Kardashian-inspired look with hybrid lashes in a squirrel shape or have a unique vision in mind, effective communication with your stylist is essential, as terminology may vary across salons.

Remember, understanding different lash extension styles and their suitability for your eye shape will help you achieve the perfect lash look that enhances your natural beauty.


Discover the perfect eyelash extension style that enhances your eyes and complements your unique features. In this comparison chart, we explore a variety of popular lash extension styles, from the classic Cat Eye and Doll Style to the glamorous Squirrel Style and the trendy Fox eye look. Each style is described, highlighting key features and effects on the eyes. Whether you desire a lifted and angled look, a rounder eye appearance, or a more natural enhancement, this chart provides a helpful overview to assist you in choosing the ideal eyelash extension style for your desired look.

Eyelash Extension Style Description Key Features
Cat Eye Lifted and angled appearance with gradual lengthening Starts shorter near the inner corner and becomes longer towards the outer corner
Doll Style Adorable and open-eyed look with longer lashes at the center Gradually shorter towards the inner corner and maintains medium length at the outer corner
Open Eye Intense effect with longer lashes at the center for rounder eyes Gradually shorter towards the inner and outer corners for overall lift
Reverse Cat Eye Unique twist on cat eye with shorter lashes at the inner corner Lengthens just past the inner corner and tapers back to a medium and slightly shorter length at the outer
Squirrel Style Illusion of upturned eyes with longer lashes in second-to-last quadrant Gradually shorter towards the inner corner with shortest lashes at the inner corner
Fox Lash Style Alluring look with longer lashes in outer corner Irregular and asymmetrical placement following the natural curve of the eye
Natural Eyelash Extensions Mimics natural length pattern for a subtle, light look Follows the natural length and growth pattern of the lashes 
Staggered Eyelash Extensions Trendy and edgy style with alternating longer and shorter extensions Creates a spiky look with versatility in style choices
Wispy Eyelash Extensions Delicate and fluttery look with fewer lashes of similar lengths Offers a soft enhancement to natural lashes
Colored/Highlighted Extensions Fun choice with colored or highlighted lashes Adds a pop of color and uniqueness, can mix lash colors for a highlighted effect
Custom Eyelash Extensions Tailored lash map based on eye shape and desired style Allows for personalized styles and preferences


Please note that this table provides a general overview, and individual preferences may vary. Consult with your lash stylist to determine the best style for you based on your eye shape and desired look.


Once you have gained experience in lash application, exploring the technique of mixing curls opens up a world of possibilities to customize lash looks. Mixing curls involves combining lashes with different curl types to draw attention to or divert focus from specific areas of the eye.

It's important to note that not every lash set requires mixed curls. However, when implementing this technique, it is recommended to keep the mixed curls close together for a seamless transition. For instance, you can mix a CC curl with a C curl or a CC with a D curl. Avoid combining a B curl with a D curl, as this may result in an uneven and unnatural appearance.


When working with different curl strengths, it's crucial to consider that a stronger curl will appear shorter. For example, if transitioning from a 10mm C curl to a 12mm D curl, the D curl will appear similar in length to the C curl. This understanding helps ensure consistent results and manage clients' expectations.



Similar to how clothing sizes may vary slightly between stores, lash curls can also differ from company to company. However, the length of lash extensions should remain consistent. As a lash technician, it's essential to prioritize accuracy and ensure that a 10mm length is consistently 10mm across various curl types and brands.


By maintaining consistency in length, you provide your clients with reliable and predictable results. This attention to detail instills confidence and trust, as clients can expect consistent lash lengths regardless of the curl variation.

At eslashes, we understand the importance of considering eye shapes, mixing curls, and maintaining consistency to deliver exceptional lash enhancements. Our high-quality lash products are designed to support lash technicians and salons in achieving outstanding results that exceed client expectations.

Lash extensions Curls

Remember, each client's eye shape and desired lash look are unique. By tailoring lash styles and customizing curls, you can create breathtaking lash transformations that enhance their natural beauty.


In the realm of lash extensions, the perfect lash look lies in the careful consideration of eye shapes and the utilization of various styles of eyelsh extension Whether you have almond-shaped, round, hooded, monolid, deep-set, or upturned eyes, the art of customizing lash looks allows for a transformation that accentuates your unique features. With the right lash extensions and expertise, you can unleash the true beauty of your eyes and achieve a captivating, customized lash look.


At Eslashes, we offer a range of free lash maps to assist lash technicians in creating stunning lash looks. These lash maps serve as visual guides, providing recommendations on the placement and lengths of extensions to achieve various styles, such as cat eye, doll style, open eye, and more. By utilizing these free lash maps, lash technicians can save time and ensure precise and consistent results for their clients.



What are the different styles of eyelash extensions? 

There are various styles of eyelash extensions, including classic lash extensions, volume lash extensions, and hybrid lash extensions.Read our in-depth guide here. 

Which eyelash extension style is best for almond-shaped eyes?

Almond-shaped eyes work best with the cat eye style for an elongating effect, or an open eye for a lifting effect. Almond shaped eyes are very versatile and look beautiful with a variety of styles. They can be enhanced with both classic and volume lash extensions, providing a natural or more dramatic effect, depending on your preference.

Can eyelash extensions suit round eyes? 

Absolutely! The cat eye style or kitten eye style is best for those with round eyes. Volume lash extensions with a soft curl (such as a B or C curl) are particularly suitable for round eyes as they create the illusion of elongated and almond-shaped eyes.

How can lash extensions enhance hooded eyes? 

For hooded eyes, lash extensions with added length and curl can help open up the eyes, creating a more defined and awakened appearance.

Are lash extensions suitable for monolid eyes? 

Yes, lash extensions can be customized to suit monolid eyes. Both classic and volume lash extensions can add depth and definition, enhancing the natural beauty of monolid eyes.

What lash extension style is recommended for deep-set eyes?

The best lash extension style for deep-set eyes is the doll eye lash map, using longer, volume lash extensions. Use extra length and glamour on deep set eyes, as lash extensions can appear less noticeable on this eye shape. 

How can lash extensions complement upturned eyes?

For upturned eyes, cat eye lash extensions are recommended. This style features longer extensions towards the outer corners, creating a lifted and elongated look that enhances the natural shape of upturned eyes.

How do I choose the right lash extension style for my eye shape?

When selecting a lash extension style, it's essential to consider your eye shape and personal preferences. Consulting with your professional lash technician will help you determine the best style to achieve your desired look.

What is the difference between C curl and D curl lash extensions?

C curl lash extensions provide a subtle and natural lift, while D curl lash extensions offer a more dramatic lift. The choice between the two depends on your desired level of curl and the effect you wish to achieve.

Can I customize my lash extension style?

Absolutely! Experienced lash technicians can customize your lash extension style to suit your eye shape, preferences, and desired outcome. They  will work closely with you to ensure you achieve the perfect look.

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