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Have you thinked that you'll change and plan to a new career yet? How about being a Lash-artist? if you do, are you wondering how much lash artists make? You like lashes and aspire to make gorgeous lash sets and eventually earn a living from them. Making money by doing what you enjoy. It is extremely profitable to work as a lash artist. But it will not be as simple as that.

It's very important to say that you need to attend trainings to grow your skills and update new skill set on becoming a lash artist


This is totally dependent on your level of experience as a lash artist. The materials you're utilizing, as well as the location of your appointment. Profit will be determined by how frequently you open your calendar for appointments; if you do this full-time, you will be able to accommodate a large number of customers each day.

To get more and more money, it's neccessories to 

Complete an eyelash technician training program

Level I eyelash extension training programs will provide you with the most fundamental certification to do professional eyelash extensions. Training sessions are generally 1-3 days long and are available in online or in person. Some programs may include your training materials with the cost, such as written guidebooks, lash extensions, adhesive, and application tools, which you can keep for after training.

***NoteThe cost of lash technician training programs varies greatly, however you should budget between $300 and $2000. Before paying out money, be sure to read evaluations about the company and program.

And don't worry about how to practice, you can use mannequin if you don't have a real person to practice on.

Expand many new clients as you can

It's exactly when you start out, you may make mistakes or work on clients who decide that eyelash extensions aren’t for them. Not every client will stay your regular client. Even so, it is wise to meet as many new clients as possible because of being upgrated your skills by them, but you need to make sure you tried your best. Someones will stick with you for the long haul, and some may even follow you to a different salon if you were to ever leave.

The other tip to expand your new clients that making and distributing business cards for your services at the salon.

Some salons will create business cards for you for a fee, as it benefits both their and your businesses. Others advise you to create your own business cards with the salon's name and contact information. To save your cost, Place the cards on the appointment counter with other service cards, and distribute them to friends and acquaintances.

Now, It's time to start your new bussiness

Firstly, you must-prepare the things must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools and Products for sure

*you can buy everything from here

Secondly, start set up your work space. Make a decision on whether you want to work from home or start your own salon. If you work from home, make sure your environment is nice and professional. Consider sharing a commercial space with another independent beauty industry company owner (a hair stylist or nail artist) to save money on rent and share clients. You would provide any eyelash services (false lashes or extensions or both) in your own salon, while your partner(s) would focus on their expertise. If you want to plan to go solo and are licensed in numerous professions, such as hair or cosmetics, you might add eyelash services to your list of offerings.

Next step, should offer monthly discounts or a 1st time deal. Getting new clients hooked on your services might be as simple as giving very low pricing at first. The idea is that individuals would try lash extensions for the first time because of the low cost and then realize it's a need for them. Then you've got yourself a new frequent client!

Fourthly, provide leaflets and business cards. Post posters and place business cards at local coffee shops, telephone poles, and art space. Talk to the owners of nearby companies and tell them you're attempting to start your own business, and ask if they'll take some of your business cards.

Finally, nothing beats the power of word of mouth. Offer to apply your friends' lashes at a fair price in exchange for a small stack of your business cards. Request that they mention your name whenever they speak with someone interested in getting eyelash extensions.

Yayy..some words of GLAMOR for newbies:

  • Become a lash artist is not only exciting, but also profitable, and it has helped you realize that you can do so much more.
  • Be resourceful; everyone starts from scratch; get out there and figure out how to learn new things. Never, ever stop learning. Improve your abilities even further.

Good luck to all the beginners out there starting out in the lash industry. And for those who have been in the company for a while, never stop learning new skills.



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