Performing eyelash extensions

May 14, 2023 1 min read

Performing eyelash extensions

Performing eyelash extensions

Before applying cat eye lashes, you still have to perform basic preparation steps. For those who are learning professional eyelash extensions, these steps must always be memorized and like a "ritual" before eyelash extensions, no matter what type of eyelashes. Specifically:

Prepare the necessary eyelash extension tools

Fixed lower lashes

Clean eyelids before connecting.

Now, start learning how to apply cat eye lashes through the following steps!

– Step 1: Divide the actual eyelashes into several parts by identifying the locations of the eyelash extensions and marking them again.

– Step 2: Use tweezers to take each false eyelash and dip the foot into the eyelash extension glue. Pay attention to use the right amount of glue because too little or too much can cause the lashes to fail.

– Step 3: Attach false eyelashes to a identified real eyelash, pay attention to choose the appropriate eyelash length.

– Step 4: Perform until the end

– Step 5: Check the eyelash extensions, add to the empty position if necessary and check if the joints are open

-Step 6: Use a fan to dry the eyelash glue and shape the eyelashes.

An important note when learning cat eyelash extensions is to choose the right length of eyelashes, ensuring that they gradually grow towards the tail of the eyes. You should also not apply too thick eyelashes to avoid making your eyes heavy. Depending on the real eyelashes, you can choose to attach 1-2 strands to 1 real eyelash to make the eyelashes thicker but still retain the natural look.

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