Only 1 tweezers can make eyelashes?

April 14, 2023 1 min read

Only 1 tweezers can make eyelashes?

Only 1 tweezers can make eyelashes?

Do not think unconsolidated

.- Premium Separation Tweezers

- Classic Dumont tweezers

- Volume Tweezers

Because in eyelash extensions, each tweezer will have different uses and each technique will require the use of different tweezers, so it is not possible to make eyelashes with just one tweezer.

And when it comes to eyelash extensions, tweezers are extremely important tools, still the familiar saying of Hani "Tweezers are the soul of an eyelash extensionist". So investing in yourself a full set of quality tweezers is essential.🥰

👉These are 3 basic tweezers but full of uses, connecting all eyelash styles from Classic, Volume, Design, ..

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