Introduce you 7 types of W lash extensions

December 15, 2023 4 min read

Introduce you 7 types of W lash extensions

Welcome to the world of GlamoreyeLash, where innovation meets beauty in the form of our stunning W lashes. If you’re ready to take your lash game to the next level, we’ve got something special for you – the 3D, 4D, and 5D W lash extensions. 

In this article, we’ll unravel the magic behind these three enchanting options, making it easy for you to choose the perfect fit for your lash artistry. 

I. Understanding the W Lash Concept

Before we dive into the specific types, let’s quickly define W lash extensions. The ‘W’ stands for the unique design where multiple lash strands are bonded together, creating a W shape fan. This innovative design allows for easy application similar to premade fans, saving you time and making your lash application process a breeze.

Key Features of Glamor W Lashes

Made of German PBT Fiber, or Polybutylene Terephthalate, which is cruelty-free. Produced without animal testing, it brings super density, stable curls, and a guilt-free glow to your lashes. Soft, feather-light, and so-comfortable, these lashes are knot-free, kink-free, and not stiff.

Plus, they’re formaldehyde-free and latex-free, ensuring safety for eyes. Choose German PBT Fiber for lashes that not only look good but also feel good – a perfect blend of beauty and compassion.

  • Matte, deep black, no bluish, no greenish
  • W lashes have a unique design with a wider, flat base. This not only makes your lash line look darker but also ensures better retention – lasting 55% longer than regular lashes.
  • Ready-to-use fan provide fast easy application
  • Customization: Offering W lashes with 0.07 thickness, 3 types of curls (C,CC,D) and diverse length from 8 to 15mm to meet your clients’ preferences. Available in both single and mixed trays.
  • Private Labeling: Enjoy the opportunity for private labeling both your label and packaging with free design services, making you stand out in the lash industry.

Now that you know what W lashes are and their fantastic features, let’s introduce you to seven types that’ll level up your lash game.

II. 7 types of W lash extensions

1. 3D W Lashes

3D W lashes are ready-made fans with three lash strands arranged in a W shape. They offer a quick and easy solution for achieving a voluminous and textured lash look without the need for manual fan creation.

2. 4D W Lashes

4D W lashes are pre assembled fans featuring four lash strands arranged in a fan formation. This design allows for the effortless creation of a fuller and more textured lash appearance, enhancing the eyes with a distinct 4D effect.

4D W lash extensions

3. 5D W lash extensions

5D W lashes represent a ready-to-use fan, skillfully crafted by bonding together five lash strands. This innovative design ensures a quick and effortless application process, delivering a lush and voluminous 5D effect to enhance the overall beauty of the eyes.

4. 5D W Wispy lashes

5D W Wispy lashes feature a special design consisting of five lash strands arranged to form a wispy fan, with three lashes positioned in the middle. This arrangement creates a captivating and fluttery effect, offering a blend of volume and texture for a stunning, wispy lash look.

5D W Wispy eyelashes

5. 6D W lash extensions

6D W lashes are ready-made fans, each composed of six lash strands skillfully bonded together in a fan formation. This design offers a quick and convenient solution for achieving a lush and voluminous look, elevating your lashes with a captivating 6D effect.

6. Double 3W lash

The Double 3W is a pre-made fan with a unique design. It takes the classic 3W lash and doubles the volume by incorporating six lash strands in each fan. This means two lash strands in each position, resulting in an intensified 3D effect for a more dramatic and voluminous appearance.

Double 3W

7. Double 4D W lash extensions

The Double 4D W lash is a ready-made fan that builds upon the foundation of the 4D W lash. In this unique design, each fan consists of eight lash strands, effectively doubling the volume. This means two lash strands in each position, creating an amplified 4D effect for a bold and voluminous lash appearance.

III. People who should choose W lash extensions

1. Classic Lash Enthusiasts Exploring Volume:

  • Ideal for those who love classic lash applications but want to add a touch of volume.
  • Provides the best of both worlds, combining the charm of classic lashes with the allure of volume.

2. Busy Individuals with Limited Time:

  • Suitable for those who don’t have time for frequent lash refills.
  • The flat base design ensures impressive retention, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

3. Individuals with Sparse or Thin Natural Lashes:

  • Perfect for covering gaps and creating a fuller appearance.
  • Offers a solution for those with sparse or thin natural lashes.

4. Time-Efficient People and Lash Artists:

  • Ideal for people and lash artists who prioritize saving time during the lash application process.
  • Offers a convenient and efficient solution without compromising on volume.

In summary, W lashes are a versatile choice catering to classic lash lovers seeking volume, individuals with busy schedules, those with sparse natural lashes, and anyone looking to save time during the lash application process.

Why GlamoreyeLash?

Glamoreyelash W lash extensions are a top-notch choice for eyelash extensions, offering quality and excellence with their high-grade, cruelty-free German PBT fiber. The customizable features allow you to tailor the curl, length, and thickness to suit your clients’ preferences. 

These lashes maintain a stable curl for at least a year when stored correctly, ensuring a lasting, beautiful look. What sets Glamoreyelash apart is the opportunity for private labeling, both on the lash and packaging, with free design services. 

Choose from diverse packaging options, including eco-friendly choices, and let Glamoreyelash help you create a unique brand identity. With a blend of quality, customization, and branding excellence, Glamoreyelash W Lashes are a standout choice for lash artists and clients alike.

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