From J to M, which lash curl is suitable for you?

November 18, 2023 4 min read

From J to M, which lash curl is suitable for you?

Welcome to the ultimate guide on eyelash extension curls! If you’ve ever wondered about the alphabet soup of J, B, C, D, and even M curls, you’re in the right place. 

We’ll break down each curl type, break down their unique characteristics, and help you navigate the world of eyelash extensions with confidence. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle, natural lift or dramatic, eye-catching curves, we’ve got you covered.

There are 8 popular different lash curls



J Curl: The Subtle Lift

  • The J curl offers a natural and gentle lift, mimicking the curve of natural lashes.
  • Ideal for those with straight or downward-pointing lashes.
  • Perfect for achieving a modest and understated enhancement.

B lash curl: Striking the Balance

  • Balancing between J and C curls, the B curl provides a moderate lift and soft, natural-looking curve.
  • Suitable for medium-length lashes and those seeking a noticeable yet natural appearance.
  • Complements various eye shapes, including round and hooded eyes.

C Curl: Defining Drama

  • Known for its pronounced lift and curvature, the C curl adds definition and drama to lashes.
  • Intensely lifting, suitable for a glamorous and eye-catching look.
  • Works well for naturally curly lashes, round, or wide-set eyes.

different lash curls - with a variety of length

CC Curl: Amping Up the Drama

  • Similar to the C curl but with slightly more curl, CC curls provide extra drama and volume.
  • Ideal for special occasions and those desiring a voluminous, lifted appearance.
  • Perfect for doll eyes and cat eyes, especially for individuals with downturned eyes

D lash curl: Maximum Drama and Impact

  • For maximum drama, the D curl offers an incredible lift and curve.
  • Ideal for individuals with straight lashes or those craving a bold impact.
    Especially suitable for hooded or downturned eyes, creating a captivating, lifted appearance.

DD Curl: Bold and Intense

  • DD curl lashes are the epitome of boldness, providing a high lift and curve.
  • Ideal for a dramatic lash style, perfect for individuals with straight or downturned lashes.
  • Creates a voluminous and stunning appearance, making a statement with your lashes.

L Curl: Soft Femininity

  • Specifically designed for straight or downward-pointing lashes, the L curl offers a unique lifting effect.
  • Subtle uplift, creating a more feminine appearance.
  • Suitable for individuals with monolid or hooded eyes, adding a soft and elegant lift.

M Curl: Glamorous and Flirty

  • The M curl has a straight base and lifts with more bend than the L curl, offering a glamorous look.
  • Ideal for those with droopy or downturned eyes, creating a lifted and open-eye effect.
  • Provides a flirty appearance, perfect for a dramatic cat-eye look.

Here is a table for you to have a quick and easy-to-remember view

Lash Extension Type Curl Angle Description
Subtle Curl (J) 35° Offers a gentle, natural appearance for straight lashes.
Soft Curl (B) 45° Provides a slightly more pronounced curl for straight or slightly upward-facing lashes.
Classic Curl (C) 55° A medium curl suitable for a wide range of lash types and styles.
Dramatic Curl (CC) 90° Achieves a more intense curl, ideal for downward-facing lashes or hooded eyes.
Bold Curl (D) 65° Delivers a highly dramatic curl for a bold, glamorous look.
Straight (L) Straight Straight lash extension with a sharp tip, perfect for creating a striking cat-eye effect.
Natural Straight (M) Straight Straight lash extension with a rounded tip, creating a natural, wispy look.

Which type of lash curl is suitable for you?

Choosing the perfect lash extension curl is a crucial step in achieving your desired lash look. To make the right decision, consider the following factors:

  • Consultation with a Lash Artist:
    • Schedule a consultation with a lash artist to determine the ideal curl for you.
    • They’ll assess your natural lash type, eye shape, and personal style to guide you.
  • Natural Lash Angle:
    • Understand the natural angle of your lashes, as it impacts the choice of lash extension curl.
    • Downward-angled lashes pair well with curlier extensions, while upward-facing lashes suit softer curls.
  • Personal Style:
    • Your personal style influences the curl type you choose.
    • Opt for a lash extension that complements your natural lash pattern for a subtle look or a more curved extension for a dramatic appearance.
  • Eye Structure:
    • Consider your eye structure when selecting the curl type.
    • Softer curls work best for deep-set eyes, while a more natural curve enhances bulging or protruding eyes.
  • Glasses:
    • If you wear glasses, choose a slightly stronger lash extension curl.
    • Overly straight curls may touch the lenses, causing discomfort.

In summary, finding the right lash extension curl involves considering the natural angle of your lashes, your personal style, eye structure, and whether you wear glasses. A consultation with a lash artist will provide personalized guidance, ensuring the perfect choice for your unique needs.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to navigate the fascinating world of lash curl. Whether you prefer the natural elegance of J or the bold impact of D, each curl type offers a unique way to express your style and enhance your natural beauty. So, go ahead, communicate your desired lash style to your lash artist with confidence, and let your eyes shine with beauty and allure!

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