Creating a masterpiece by mixing lash curls properly

June 21, 2023 4 min read

Creating a masterpiece by mixing lash curls properly

Mastering lash artistry is the dream of all lash artists, but we know it’s never been easy. Creating a perfect volume fan, choosing and using a tweezer properly, dealing with a number of lash types and adhesives, etc., and most challenging: mixing  lash curls, are a few of the many things you need to overcome. 

In this blog, we will dig deeper into tips to have the perfect curl combination for a lash set, bring out a “wow” for every client choosing your brand.

1. Why do you need to mix lash curls?

You can’t use one curl for a whole lash set, and more obviously, you can’t mix lash curls in unplanned ways. Curls mix in a proper way will take your set to the next level thanks to the benefits it brings out:

Customized eye shape

The main goal of eyelash extensions is to camouflage imperfections and enhance your overall beauty, but not every lash curl is suitable for all eye shapes. For example, if your eyes are almond-shaped and you want them to look more sharp, then L curls are a good way to go; but if your eyes are downturned (the outer corner is lower than the inner corner), C and D curls would be perfect for balancing out the downward curve of the eye shape. 

Natural looking result

If the curls are blended harmoniously, your eyelash extension set will look more natural; in contrast, if the lash curls are not placed strategically, your lash set will look messy and fake. Anyone looking at your eyes will know you are wearing failed lash extensions!

Personalized lash set

Some clients will just come to your lash studio and share the appearance they want to take on, and your responsibility is to decode it and flexibly use different curls to create a satisfying lash look to meet their expectations. 

Versatility and creativity

Flexibly using different curls can not only serve your clients the best but also boost your creativity, and who knows, you will be the person who once set the trend in the lash world?

2. Mix and effect suggestion

J&B lash curls for natural lifting:

J curl has a flat base and is the least curly of all curl levels. B curl has almost the same features as J curl eyelash extensions, but it has a natural lift at the tip of the lash that is just pronounced enough to appear a bit different from J curl.

The J and B curl combination will suit people who just want an extra look for their eyes without appearing to wear eyelash extensions. However, these insignificant curls might not be an ideal choice for downturned eyes or eyelashes that have a downturned angle, as they can accentuate this feature of your eyes

j curl eyelash extensions eyelash extensions b curl

L and M curl for a more textured and dramatic look

L curl lash refers to the lash extension type that has a flat base followed by an extreme straight upward lift. M curl lashes are quite the same as the L curl, but with a less sharp angle and a little more curvature inward.

L and M curl lashes give you a sharp and eye catching look, but it’s advisable to use them with the C curl in the inner eye corner. How many C curl lashes you have on the lash line will depend on how dramatic you want to make it.

l and m curl lashes

C, CC, and D curl for open and doll eyes:

The C curl type is an eyelash extension that has a short and straight base with a significant uplifted curve without being too dramatic. The CC type is quite similar to the C curl but with a more dramatic flair, and the D curl is the curliest of the three.

C, CC, and D are the most popular lash curls thanks to the perfect uplift effect they give to your eyelashes. The combination of these three curls will make our eyes bigger and rounder, resulting in an adorable doll eye look.

c cc d curl

D, L / C, D, L for cat eye

Sexy and exotic, the cat eye style is a miracle to enhance your overall appearance. Featuring an intense lifting effect, the L curl is considered the best candidate for this lash style. Usually, L curls are used for outer curls to elongate your eyes, which perfectly matches the D or C and D in the inner corner. The reason is that C and D curls are extreme curls with a less sharp curvature and are used in shorter lengths to balance the L curl effect.

Read our blog “5 lash maps that will easily level up your lash game,” for a deeper understanding of the cat eye.

eyelash extension curl guide for cat eye eyelash extensionsMixing lash curls is an art, and it takes time. Start by following the commons, then create your own mixtures – lashing always has a wide scope for creativity. And believe me, you will find your interest in it. 

At Glamor, we pride ourselves on the provision of lash extensions in all types of eyelash extension curls (11 curls) for every lash artist out there to unleash their creativity. With the material of 100% high quality Korean PBT fiber, we wish to somehow help you in your lash journey to achieve your dream!

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