Choosing the right eyelash extension curvature for each eye shape?

April 21, 2023 2 min read

Choosing the right eyelash extension curvature for each eye shape?

Choosing the right eyelash extension curvature for each eye shape?

Eyelashes used for eyelash extensions also come in many varieties to suit a variety of needs. Depending on the material, the most common types of eyelashes you may come across are mink lashes, faux mink lashes, silk/silk lashes, hair lashes or synthetic lashes… And similarly, these lashes are also divided into many categories. type:

Based on curvature (lash shape): J style, B style, C style, CC style and D style (from less to more curl).

Based on thickness, length of eyelashes: the thickness of eyelashes usually ranges from 0.10 mm to 0.30 mm, while the common length is about 5 mm to 15 mm.

The curvature of the eyelash extensions suitable for each eye shape is arranged in ascending order from J, JC, C, CC to D and DD.

J Curl: This is an extension with a curvature that looks quite straight and looks like real lashes, because of the natural curvature.

JC Curl (approximately 45 degrees): eyelash extensions have a medium curvature. Straight lashes, slightly bent at the end. It gives a gentle lift and gives lashes a natural look that looks like they've just been pressed.

C Curl (60 degrees): lashes with normal curl. The C-curvature gives the lashes a glamorous look as if they've just been curled.

CC Curl: The lashes have a greater curvature than C, the lashes will have a super glamorous look.

D Curl (approximately 70 degrees): lash extensions have the greatest curvature with dramatic curl, creating a doll shape design, often using eyelash extensions for special occasions.

DD Curl: This curl creates a curly lash extension, with a super dramatic look.

L Curl (80 degrees): Eyelash extensions have the largest curvature, providing the most intense (extreme) look.

Choose a seductive curl for your lashes

Basically, along with choosing the thickness and length, the joiner needs to choose the curvature, suitable for the customer's natural eyelashes, curvature is one of the important factors to help the customer's eyelashes "lift" and more attractive look.

– J Curl is popular if you want to have lashes that look like real lashes with a natural look.

– JC Curl is suitable for most people's lashes, because of the slight curl at the end of the lash

- C Curl is best for natural eyelashes that have been curled or pressed. Customers with straight lashes should choose C curl because it helps lift the lashes and make the eyes stand out more.

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