Can the nearsighted learn eyelash extensions?

May 08, 2023 2 min read

Can the nearsighted learn eyelash extensions?

Can the nearsighted learn eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are the method of attaching small false eyelashes to real eyelashes. This is a method that requires detail and care. Because the eyelashes and eyes are very small, the technician needs to have good skills, and the eyelash extensions and glue must be of good quality to be able to bring beautiful sparkling eyes to the customer. But can people with short-sightedness learn eyelash extensions? In fact, myopia and learning eyelash extensions are not related to each other. With the development of society, if you are nearsighted, you just need to cut your glasses and wear them in the process of learning eyelash extensions. Then there is no difference between your eyes and normal human eyes.

So, if you really love this profession, you can completely sign up for a good eyelash extension course. And become a professional eyelash extension technician if you try and make an effort.

Always wear glasses during practice

Many people think that mild myopia does not need to wear glasses, because it does not affect your vision and activities much. However, when learning eyelash extensions, you need to prepare yourself a glasses suitable for your nearsightedness.

Eyelash extensions are operations that regularly observe and perform details with very small and thin eyelashes. All of these techniques require high precision. Whether you can go about your daily activities, or walk normally without glasses. But when eyelash extensions, with limited vision, you will operate incorrectly, affecting the results of eyelash extensions. At the same time, it will be more difficult to align and adjust the eyelashes. More seriously, it can cause eyelash extension glue to stick to the eyelid and cause damage to the connector.

Choosing the right glasses

Go to the eye hospital and follow the doctor's advice in cutting myopia. Choose glasses that are suitable for your eyes, do not feel entangled when performing eyelash extensions and see the clearest eyelashes.

If you are a person who often sweats, your glasses will fall down your nose. Consider wearing contact lenses. You can use a dedicated eyeglass holder to fix the glasses on your eyes, without hindering the process of eyelash extensions and your vision.

Choose the right glasses

It takes time to adapt

Although being nearsighted does not interfere much with eyelash extensions if you have a pair of glasses suitable for your nearsightedness. However, when starting out, it all takes a while to get used to.

It may be difficult for many of you at first. For example, when applying eyelash extensions, you need to focus, close and strain your eyes to see better. Eyes that are not used to this will feel very tired. Even if sitting for a long time will cause fading.

In addition, many of you need to get used to the fact that the glasses are not fixed on the eyes, often falling down because you bend a lot. But this problem can be fixed quickly.

When starting to do something, everyone will have their own difficulties. But if you are passionate and really determined to pursue this industry. Being nearsighted or having these difficulties can't stop you.

Learn to adapt and get used to wearing glasses when eyelash extensions

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