3 Great Ways to Help Others Fix the Basic Russian Volume Migration Error

May 12, 2023 3 min read

3 Great Ways to Help Others Fix the Basic Russian Volume Migration Error

3 Great Ways to Help Others Fix the Basic Russian Volume Migration Error

PROBLEM NO. 1: Placement of eyelash extensions

The customer hasn't even left the parking lot and the lashes are already peeling. They want the perfect lashes for a big event. But the wrong eyelash position leads to poor eyelash extension.

What is going on

Location is the key of russian volume eyelash extensions. Attaching the lash fan incorrectly away from the lash line or out of place with the natural lash is a common cause of lash failure.

What can we do to fix it?

Practice makes perfect! Mi Volume is different from the classic, so invest in a workout. You will learn how to make sure you place the correct fan lash close to the lash line. and how to check to make sure they are positioned properly with natural lashes. This creates a clean lash and ensures the lashes stay strong.

  PROBLEM #2: A sloppy fan OR an OVERLOADED row

When clients look in the mirror at their lashes, they notice that the lashes are in different directions. They are skewed or they are not symmetrical. The result is more like spider legs than splendor. Twisted and rotated lashes can cause unnecessary pain or discomfort to your client.

Or, a drooping eyeliner could be the result of using too many eyelash extensions. The client's eyes end up feeling heavy and unnatural looking.

  What is up

Rushing when creating manual fans, being careless while joining, or not understanding how to create fan volumes correctly can lead to a messy looking work.

What can you do to fix it?

To avoid creating curled and folded fan lashes, change the way you fold the fan. You want to pull your lashes up and toward you, rather than to the side or back from the lash band or from the lash point.

Do not rush. Slow down when creating fans to make sure they're symmetrical. Ultimately, the habit of practice will improve your performance, and your speed will increase.

Avoid crowded lashes by using the ideal extension position. Check the diameter you are using for your mi fan. and what natural eyelashes can handle before applying.


Imagine a client with gorgeous lashes but itchy, irritated eyes. Oh! Or, within a day or two, those beautiful, luscious lashes begin to fall out and fall out.

What is up

Too much glue increases the likelihood of a negative eye reaction if it touches the skin. It also creates boxy bases that damage natural lashes. Leads to poor color retention and bulky or sloppy eyeliner.

Also, too much glue makes fan creation much more difficult. As more glue causes the lash fan to close before or during the placement of the lashes.

Conversely, too little glue means poor attachment or no adhesion. This can again increase customer dissatisfaction. and the possibility of eyelash extension services will decrease rapidly.

What can you do to fix it?

Pay attention to how much glue you are using so that you use the perfect amount each splicing. The amount of glue needs to be exact and depends on the humidity in your workspace.

Ask customers how they feel in the app. They should not feel uncomfortable. If they say there is a stinging or burning sensation. Stop the service and reassess your process to prevent any further discomfort.

Some advices:

Make sure you are measuring the humidity correctly.

Always store your glue properly.

Clean and prepare client's eyelashes before applying glue.

The great application of eyelash extensions will depend on factors such as speed, skill, and humidity. Poor glue control will cause eyelash damage. You can also harm your client's eyes.

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