10 Tips to Speed Up Your Lash Sets

July 01, 2023 6 min read

10 Tips to Speed Up Your Lash Sets

If it’s speed that you’re after, we’ve got some helpful tips for you! 

We have some handy tips for you to cut down your lashing time, and avoid the dreaded conversation of having to turn down clients, just because you don’t have enough hours in the day.

Tips to speed up your lash sets

Tips to speed up your lash sets:
Tips to speed up your lash sets:
1. Set up - lash supplies and tools
2. Have good lighting
3. Use magnifying glasses
4. Use Superbonder
5. Try a faster-drying glue
6. Use premade/promade fans
7. Seating Ergonomics

Things that clients can help with speeding up the lash time:
1. Arriving with clean lashes and eye area
2. Arriving to appointments on time
3. Less talking / silent treatment

1. Set up – lash supplies and tools

It is essential to have the right set-up with your tools. All tweezers, tapes, brushes etc. should be close to you, within arm’s reach, either on a trolley or side table. It’ll make it a lot easier when the lash supplies you need are in front of you because we are sitting down for the entire service, it takes up valuable lashing time if we need to lean over, get out of the chair to rummage through stock to find the right lash tray. Setting up is personal and individual for each person, so it may take some time to find the ‘perfect’ set-up, either in your trolley, on a table etc.

Make sure that you have easy access to them, don’t find yourself reaching too far or having to get out of your seat. Work smarter, not harder

2. Have good lighting

Having good lighting is essential for any type of beauty service. Specifically for lash artists, as we need to be able to see all those lashes (yes, including those baby lashes)! Overhead lamps, beauty lights or ring lights work best as they will light up the whole area from above. If the lighting is only coming from one direction, one side of the client's face will be in the shadows, making it difficult to lash. Having good lighting and a clear view will speed up your lashing time.

3. Magnifying Glasses (Optional)lash stickies

Along with having adequate lighting, being able to see all the lashes will make it easier to apply the lash extensions. Nobody wants ! It isn’t essential, but if you’ve been lashing all day, and things start to get a bit blurry, magnifying glasses can help with that!

4. Superbonder

If you find yourself needing the extra staying power or your lash glue is taking a bit too long to cure, Superbonder could be your new best friend! To boost your lashing speed and cut down on application time.


Glamor Superbonder is specially formulated to add elasticity to the bonds of the adhesive making them more flexible and less prone to breakage. Plus, when used at the end of each set, it can reduce irritation, sensitivity and glue fumes from entering the client’s eyes, as it cures the adhesive right away without shock curing.

  • Before starting a set, Superbonder can be applied on the lash strip (2-3mm from the base) to allow for quick attachment to the natural lash (NL).
  • Once you’ve finished a set, you can also apply Superbonder to the base of the extensions on the NL
  • Remember to dry the superbonder after each use!

5. Lash Adhesive

Do you ever find yourself isolating and holding the extension on the NL for a little too long? Do you feel that your time could be better spent elsewhere? Maybe it’s time to try a faster curing lash glue! 

There are a lot of different lash adhesives on the market made specifically for lash extension application. Some lash glues have a slower drying time, between 2-4 seconds, such as  and there are super-fast curing lash adhesives

When you have to hold the isolated NL for longer than the glue time suggests, those seconds can add up.

When opting for a faster curing glue, you can save those seconds to find another healthy NL to lash, instead of holding it there and waiting for the glue to cure.

If you're still wondering what glue could be best suited for you, why not take our Glue quiz to find out! 

6. Premade/Promade fans

Premade fans and Promade fans can be a lash artist's greatest tool! If you find yourself to be lashing a bit slower than usual, or making fans on the spot just aren’t cooperating, premades/promades can save the day! It’s always handy to have some stocked up at these times.

You can read more about the difference between Premade fans and Promade fans here.

Using premade/promade fans does not require additional training like handmaking volume fans do. They are similar to applying Classic lashes, just requiring a little bit more glue at the base for application. It can take some time to get used to, but ultimately quicker than handmaking fans on the spot.

7.Seating Ergonomics

Having the correct posture is not only detrimental to your health but also the speed of your lashing. Make sure you’re sitting at the correct height when the client lays down for their service. Sitting in a position that is too high or too low can cause back and neck pain, and if not addressed early on, could result in a short-lashing career. Ideally, you want the client’s head to be tucked under your chest/bust. If they’re too low on the pillow, kindly ask them to move up closer to you. Having the client's head under your bust will allow for a birds-eye view of the client's lashes. It will be more comfortable and put less strain on your back and neck. After all, we want you to enjoy a fulfilling career in lashing!

Things that clients can help with speeding up the lash time

Arriving with clean lashes and eye area

A way that clients can help you speed up the lashing process is if they arrive to their appointment on time, and have cleansed their lashes prior. Arriving with already clean eye area means we can jump straight into applying the gel eye pads and lashes for your set. If we do spot little remnants of make-up residue or debris, it’ll be quicker and easier to clean in a few minutes, rather than spending half the time cleansing everything off.

Imagine this, if your client comes to the appointment straight after a big night, they’ll most likely still have eyeshadow, smudged eyeliner and maybe even some mascara (which is a big no-no!) that can take anywhere from 20-30minutes (maybe even more) of the allotted lashing time, to just cleaning the lashes from all the make-up. Extensions adhere better to clean lashes, if lashes aren’t cleaned properly, they will attract more debris and the retention of the set won’t last as long.

Remind your clients to also wash their lashes daily, if they’re unsure, gently remind them on how to properly clean their extensions.

Arriving to appointments on time
This means, arriving at the salon 5mins before the allotted service time. We all know some things can cause clients to be late, but leaving with more than enough time to get to the salon will ensure that the service will start on time. And you’ll get the most out of your lashing appointment. If you arrive 5min or 10min late to your appointment, it will lead into the lash application time and the results may not be the standard we would like you to leave after.

Talking/Silent Treatment
Although having a great rapport with your clients is key for your business, it isn’t necessarily good for the whole duration of the lash application. Having deep conversations during the set can be a huge setback in your lash time.

When clients are talking, it means their faces are moving, in turn, is harder to put lashes on (especially if the client is animated, even with their eyes closed, or when they smile and laugh) and this results in more time wasted.

When lash artists are too involved in the conversation, they aren’t focused on the lashes, they’re not in the right mindset which also results in wasted time.

We could also suggest ‘silent treatments’ where clients may not be feeling their best and just need some alone time as they get pampered. Most salons have this in place during the lash application, clients are welcome to bring in their wireless headphones (bulky, overhead headphones could get in the way of lash artist’s seating position) to catch up on podcasts/ listen to their favourite music. That way the lash artist can work their magic in creating the set of your dreams!



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