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Proper client aftercare for lash extensions is crucial not only for maintaining their longevity but also for ensuring healthy eyes. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss ten essential tips to help your clients keep their eyelash extensions looking their best. By following these guidelines, clients can extend the lifespan of their lashes while promoting eye health. Let's dive into the aftercare routine that every lash client should embrace.



  1. Avoid Water for the First 24 Hours: To optimize the bonding process, clients should refrain from exposing their lashes to water within the initial 24 hours after the application, unless a super bonder is used. Super bonders allow immediate exposure to water, which is beneficial for clients who find it challenging to wait.

  2. Use Oil-Free Products: Consistent use of oil-based products around the eyes can gradually break down the adhesive holding lash extensions, leading to premature detachment. Clients should be advised to avoid oil-based makeup removers and overnight application of oil-based products to preserve the lash extensions' integrity.

  3. Say No to Mascara: Mascara, especially waterproof variants, should be strictly avoided with lash extensions. Waterproof mascaras require oil-based removers for removal, and these removers can cause the extensions to come off prematurely. Clients should be educated about the negative consequences of mascara on lash extensions. If the client wants a more dramatic look, offer them the option of volume or mega volume lashes. 

  4. Avoid Eyelash Curlers:Clients with lash extensions should never use an eyelash curler. This can compromise the stability of lash extensions. Instead, offer clients alternative options like using a tighter curl such as a D curl to achieve a more dramatic lift or curl without the need for mascara. 

  5. Brush Daily: Encourage clients to brush their lashes daily, or even twice a day if necessary, using the provided mascara wand or a clean spoolie. This practice helps maintain lash alignment, removes tangles, and eliminates loose lashes that are prone to falling off.

  6. Cleanse Gently: Clients should be advised to cleanse their lashes daily using a lash-safe cleanser, avoiding baby shampoo or other unsuitable products. Recommend a sensitive lash cleanser without added fragrance or sulfates to keep the lashes clean and free from infections. After cleansing, clients can gently dry their lashes with a cool fan or the cool setting on a blow dryer, ensuring no heat is applied.

  7. No Picking, Pulling, or Rubbing: Caution clients against picking, pulling, or rubbing their lash extensions, as these actions can cause premature lash loss and damage to their natural lashes. Educate them about the potential risks and emphasize the importance of gentle care.

  8. Avoid Face Sleeping: Sleeping on the face can exert pressure on the lashes, leading to misalignment and potential damage. Recommend side or back sleeping positions instead. Consider suggesting the use of satin pillowcases, which are not only beneficial for the hair and skin but also gentle on lash extensions.

  9. Choose Microfiber over Cotton: Advise clients to steer clear of cotton products around the eyes, such as cotton balls or rounds, as they can get entangled in the lash extensions and create a messy situation. Instead, recommend using a soft microfiber cloth for gentle cleaning and removal of makeup. This suggestion can be an opportunity to upsell microfiber cloths as retail products.

  10. Pre-Book Fill Appointments: Remind clients of the importance of regular fill appointments to maintain lash extensions' fullness. Typically, fills should be scheduled every two to three weeks, depending on the individual. Encourage them to pre-book appointments, ensuring they don't overlook this crucial step in lash extension aftercare.


By adhering to these ten client aftercare tips for lash extensions, your clients can enjoy longer-lasting lashes while promoting the health of their eyes. Educate them about the dos and don'ts, provide them with clear instructions, and offer additional products and services to enhance their aftercare routine. Help your clients achieve stunning lash extensions that stay beautiful, healthy, and hassle-free.


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