Natural thin eyelash extensions like volume lashes

May 24, 2023 2 min read

Natural thin eyelash extensions like volume lashes

Natural thin eyelash extensions like volume lashes

Different from the gentle and simple classic eyelash style, volume eyelash extensions are a type of natural thin eyelash extensions for girls who prefer a glamorous and edgy style.

The method of implementation of this technique is to create thickness for each lash cluster, by attaching multiple false eyelashes to one real lash. Unlike the classic style that requires strong and strong lashes, this volume eyelash extension is especially suitable for girls with thin and sparse lashes.

Volume eyelash extensions only use thin false eyelashes, so they are still considered natural eyelash extensions. Depending on your preferences, ask the technician to create more thickness for a cluster of lashes, but to ensure natural beauty, you should only do 3-5 strands per cluster.

Depending on the location and how to take care of the eyelashes after joining, the volume style can be maintained for 1 month or longer.

Volume eyelash extensions are suitable for glamorous style

What should be noted for natural thinning eyelashes?

Normally, it will take about 24 hours after performing the false eyelash extension method, for your lashes to be completely dry. Because of this, you need to keep a few things in mind:

Blink gently and do not touch your eyelids or eye area.

Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands, which can cause eyelash glue to stick to your eyes and misplace your lashes.

If you have an itchy eye area, look in the mirror and use a cotton swab to soothe it.

When washing your face, you should also be careful and avoid washing with warm water because this is not good for eyelash extension glue.

Do not remove eye makeup or use mascara.

Do not use any cosmetics to care for the eye area.

You should lie on your back when you go to sleep, avoid lying on your side because it can cause your eyelashes to fall off or become misaligned.

Remember to regularly check to see if the false eyelashes have exposed joints.

It is recommended to use glasses every time you go out to protect and help your eyelashes look more beautiful.

Notes on natural thinning eyelashes


In general, as described above, eyelash extensions are quite safe if performed by a qualified technician using a glue that does not contain formaldehyde (an irritant). And to be more sure, you must keep using sterile equipment, take care of the eyelashes after being connected.

To be able to maintain a good eyelash extension time, it is recommended to remove makeup with a clean tissue gently. Avoid using eyelash extensions for too long and should have a break between the number of eyelash extensions so that your eyes are well protected.


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