Eyelash extensions Y

May 24, 2023 3 min read

Eyelash extensions Y

Eyelash extensions Y

This beautiful Y-shaped extension when attached to the eyelids will create the effect of your lashes looking thicker than other types of eyelash extensions. In terms of characteristics, currently Y-shaped eyelashes are produced with many different types. Their length is also very diverse and you can choose according to your needs.

However, basically this type of eyelashes has:

Length: 7-13mm.

Thickness: The usual thickness of Y-shaped eyelashes is 0.07mm, slightly thicker than real eyelashes.

Curvature: this type of eyelashes has a very diverse curvature: C (50 degrees); curvature D (60 degrees)

Steps to make the most standard Y-type eyelash extension

Y-shaped eyelash extensions have a relatively simple implementation process similar to other classic eyelash extensions. Includes the following steps:

Step 1: Examine and check your eyelids

Before entering the eyelash extension procedure, it is very important to check the condition of the eyelashes and eyes. In order to ensure that the eyelashes and eyes are eligible for connection, it is necessary to consider such as: Is the real eyelash healthy, is it broken or damaged, and if there is a pain in the eye.

Complete the test to determine the eligible eyelids before performing the next steps of eyelash extensions. Because a pair of eyes with strong, undamaged eyelashes can perform this method of eyelash extensions.

Step 2: Carry out eye hygiene

After the examination is complete, cleaning the eyes is a must-do step. Make sure your eyes are clean for the most effective procedure. Eyelids can be cleaned with salt water or clean water and if necessary, cotton pads can be used.

Step 3: Start drawing the letter Y

Use a special sticker to fix the lower lashes first. Then proceed to dip the tip of the eyelash into the glue. Make sure that the amount of glue used is moderate to avoid sticking when glue is too much and eyelashes are not durable when glue is too little.

Care should be taken to attach the lashes in order to the lashes. Do it carefully, gently and meticulously to create the most beautiful and natural lashes.

Step 4: Review and re-mile if necessary

After completing the most difficult step is eyelash extensions, so check if the eyelashes are satisfactory and beautiful. If your lashes are too thin, you can dab some lashes in the gaps and brush them so they don't stick together.

Step 5: Take care of eyelashes after connecting

When the eyelash extension process is completed, the worker must advise the customer on how to care for the most durable and beautiful eyelashes. Specifically like:

Care after eyelash extensions will be more durable

For the first 12 hours, do not expose lashes to water.

Limit eye rubbing movements as much as possible and protect your eyes carefully when going out.

Every day should perform gentle eye cleaning with water and can use makeup remover. And do not use products with essential oils that act on the eyes.

And in order for the eyelashes to be durable, you should follow the advised lash mile schedule. If you want to remove eyelashes, you should ask for the help of a technician, do not arbitrarily pull it, it will hurt your eyelashes as well as your eyes.

Y-shaped eyelash extension is a very simple type of eyelash extension that you can choose. Understanding the nature as well as the process we have mentioned will make your beauty work simpler. And please note that before deciding on eyelash extensions, you should choose really reputable places to have the most beautiful eyelashes!


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