Flat Lash extensions for maximum retention

November 14, 2023 4 min read

Flat Lash extensions for maximum retention

In the world of eyelash extensions, innovation is crucial. There are many flat lash extensions out there, each with its own unique features. Some are too shiny, some lack split tips, and others can feel heavy. At Glamoreyelash, we’re always at the forefront of eyelash extension technology. Today, we’re excited to introduce our latest creation: the Ultra Super Flat lash. It’s designed for those with delicate natural lashes or anyone who wants a natural and voluminous look without the added weight. Get ready to be impressed by the Ultra Split Tip Flat Lashes, known for its lightness, matte finish, flatness, exceptional retention, and maximum volume compared to other flat lashes on the market.

What is Ultra Super Flat lash, and what sets it apart?

Let’s get to know some basics of Flat lash extensions

What are flat lash extensions?

Flat eyelashes, commonly known as ellipse lashes.It is innovatively designed with a focus on delivering the gentlest yet natural lash set. Those lashes make it possible for clients with weak and damaged lashes to enjoy eyelash extension.


The difference between regular classic and flat lashes

Unlike traditional Classic Lashes that feature a circle, rounded base and gradually taper towards the tip to mimic the natural lash appearance, Flat lash extensions are uniquely crafted with a concave base and two distinct tips. This design reduces the overall surface area of the lash, making them considerably lighter.

What makes our Ultra Super Flat lashes stand out among other flat lash extensions on the market?

As previously mentioned, the market offers a variety of flat lash extensions, each with its own characteristics. Some may have a glossy and shiny finish, while others have a thick, flat base or insufficiently split tips. To combat the norm, CharmLash has been waiting for a long time to bring  the best Flat lash extension to clients: Ultra Super Flat lashes.  It took considerable time to identify the ideal materials that could deliver a more striking look while seamlessly blending with clients’ natural lashes. Here’s what distinguishes our flat lash extensions from the rest

Made of Germen PBT fiber

Our Flat eyelashes are made of PBT fiber which is known for its strength, durability, and flexibility. German PBT fiber  is a high-quality version of this material that is specifically designed for use in eyelash extensions, making it an ideal choice for creating lightweight and natural-looking eyelash extensions.

Super deep split tip 

The defining feature of our Ultra Super Flat Eyelasheis the exceptionally deep split tip. Unlike other flat lashes available, the profound split in each lash strand delivers an instant doubling of volume. These lashes are perfect for clients seeking a dramatic yet natural appearance.


Flat base

Sophisticatedly made with a concave base, our flat lash extensions offer a significantly larger contact area for adhesion. This unique design results in lashes that last much longer than traditional lashes, with retention times increased by up to 40%. Thanks to concave flat base, less adhesive needed, which  means the whole lash set is way more lighter. 


Flat body 

The body of flat lashes is tapered to match the shape of the base, resulting in ultra super flat lashes that are flat. The more tapered the lash, the lighter the fiber becomes. Compared to a regular classic lash, our flat eyelash extensions are 70% lighter, guaranteeing a comfortable and enjoyable lash-wearing experience. The flat design minimizes the weight on the natural lashes

Matte finish

Our Ultra Super Flat lashes feature a diffused, soft matte finish and black color, offering  a luxurious maximum glam and natural lash look.cashmere-flat-lash-extensions-with-matte-finish

Who should get our Ultra Super flat lashes?

The answer is “everyone”. 

While standard classic lashes can be used by almost everyone, especially clients who have strong natural lashes. Individual lashes can be quite heavy depending on their lengths and diameters that you choose to wear. However, if your customers want longer and thicker lashes, definitively split them out to flat lash extensions because they weigh much less than classic lashes. Flat lash extensions are suitable for customers who have weaker natural lashes but they want something lighter, fuller or more dramatic.



How are flat lashes applied?

It is the same as applying the normal classic eyelashes. However, there are subtle differences though. 

For example, when you apply classic lash, you can apply the lash on the top, the bottom or the sides of the natural lash as it has a round base which makes it easy to apply in any direction. On the other hand, we should only attach flat lash to the top or the bottom of natural lash because the extension is flat, the side won’t adhere very well to the side of the natural lash. If you apply on the side, you will not get good retention. Moreover, flat lashes require a tiny amount of glue, so be careful when you dip lashes into glue. And as a rule of thumb, a set full of flat lashes can be unnatural, it’s better to avoid using a full set.

Flat lashes are commonly used to make spike for trending wispy look.

How are Ultra Super flat lash extensions last?

Although Flat lash seems to stay longer but as many eyelash extensions, it will shred off following the natural lashes cycle. It means that when your natural eyelashes fall off, the flat lashes will fall off too. It’s a natural phenomenon. As usual flat lashes have a life expectancy around 4-5 weeks before you go for a refill but with our Ultra Super Flat lashes, you can expect a long-lasting set up to 6 weeks.

a flat-lash-extensions set can last for 5-6 weeks

Like any investment, eyelash extensions require maintenance too. The more you take care of your eyelash extension, the longer they stay on you. Avoid rubbing or pulling them and oil-based beauty care products on the lashes. Remember to wash them regularly and brush them too to keep them look clean, nice and prevent us from eye infection.

To sum up

Our Ultra super flat lashes are light, soft and comfortable to wear. They’re a great option for all customers who want a voluminous or dramatic look or simply add length without adding weight to their natural lashes. Check out our new innovative flat lashes to experience the future of lash today. 

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