Faux mink eyelash extensions vs real mink ones: which is better?

November 15, 2023 3 min read

Faux mink eyelash extensions vs real mink ones: which is better?

If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions, then you must be puzzled by the differences between faux mink eyelash extensions and real mink ones at first. Actually, it’s not that complicated if you could grasp the following main points:


1. The material of  real mink and faux mink eyelash extensions


You might’ve heard of mink, a small wild animal with thick, shiny fur. Not only is its fur used in fashion but also in the beauty industry. Mink fur is harvested and processed into human eyelash extensions, or “mink lashes”, which are preferred by many eyelash extension fans. Alternatively, lash artists can choose faux mink eyelash extensions. These lashes are made from various synthetic materials instead, among which PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) is the most popular. 


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2. Faux mink eyelash extensions are cruelty-free

The majority of lash retailers who use real mink lashes confirm that their lash extensions are cruelty-free. That’s because their suppliers insist that they make lashes just by brushing and collecting the fur when minks are in their shedding seasons. This hasn’t been proven to be true, however, it’s the fact that the mink kept for collecting fur live in very narrow cages and are not able to roam freely in their habitat. 

In this case, apparently, faux mink eyelash extensions have an enormous advantage over mink lashes. Since they are made from synthetic materials, no animal cruelty is involved. Therefore, compared to real mink, faux mink is certainly a more sustainable choice.

3. Faux mink vs real mink – Appearance

Real mink lashes:

Mink eyelash extensions seem to be a good option if you want the most natural appearance. These lashes, which are made from mink hair, are incredibly light and fluffy, which will give you a natural look. Moreover, mink hair is glossy, bringing out the greatest effects of a 3D appearance. 

Faux mink:

The faux mink was intentionally created to resemble the delicacy and fineness of genuine mink lashes. However, the fakes don’t have the exact quality as the genuine ones, though they are considered fine and soft to some extent. Faux mink lashes are a little flimsier and don’t look as realistic. Yet it’s important to notice that, with the advance in technology, faux mink is becoming much the same as natural eyelashes.  

5. Possibility of getting allergic

In some cases, real mink lashes can cause allergic reactions.  In contrast, amongst eyelash extension materials, PBT is preferred for causing the least chance of allergic reaction on human skin. Therefore, for individuals who have an allergy to animal fur, faux mink is a safer choice. 

6. Cost of faux mink and real mink lashes

Obviously, quality comes at a cost. Real mink is quite expensive compared to faux mink eyelash extensions. Faux mink is definitely more budget-friendly but still helps you achieve the desired look somehow.  Development in technology helps manufacturers produce lash extensions with quite the same level of quality as natural lashes, but at a much lower cost. 

7. Real mink and faux mink eyelash extensions – Customization

Do you have a certain lash style or design in mind? Faux mink fake eyelashes could be a good option if you’re seeking a really specific design for your lashes. Not only could it be customized in curls, lengths, and thicknesses but faux mink is also customized in colors, even neon ones. You can find various colored faux mink eyelash extensions at Glamoreyelash


Can’t real mink be customized as faux mink? Yes, but when your clients choose real mink, he/she wants to achieve the soft and natural appearance of real mink. However, if the real mink is bleached and dyed another color, it’s gonna damage the hair cuticle, thus lashes are easy to break. 

8. Accessibility

Advanced technology, along with humanity, is encouraging suppliers to switch to manufacturing synthetic lashes of higher quality. Therefore, lash artists might find it easier to find sources of faux mink supplies than real mink lashes. Besides, using synthetic materials is absolutely simpler, and saves much more time and money!

To sum up

Choose mink lashes if you want the best natural appearance, since they are incredibly realistic-looking, extremely pleasant, and simple to use.Try faux mink if you want something that is eco-friendly, and more affordable; just be sure to select a reputable manufacturer that makes high-quality ones so they will last longer, look more natural, and, most importantly, be comfortable to wear.At Glamoreyelash, faux mink eyelash extensions are quite glossy while still maintaining the natural look, curled, tapered to perfection, and versatile as well. They’re made of high-quality Korean PBT fiber, which is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, making them a perfect option from classic to bold, and dramatic look.



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