Compare Two Common Eyelash Extensions

May 18, 2023 2 min read

Compare Two Common Eyelash Extensions

Compare Two Common Eyelash Extensions

  1. Eyelash extensions directly on real lashes

This is a method that requires a highly skilled performer, many years of experience and a delicate aesthetic eye. Above all, perseverance, meticulousness and ingenuity are the optimal factors. Because, eyelash extensions are a very good method of beauty that is difficult to do, eyelash extensions directly with real eyelashes.

In a word, this way of eyelash extension means using false eyelash glue to overlap real eyelashes. First, the technician will use specialized tweezers or needles to separate each false eyelash, then dip the false eyelash in glue and apply it directly to ½ of the length of the real eyelash. To be successful, the worker needs to have a sharp eye and choose the long, curved lashes that are suitable for the user's face.


– False eyelashes have a long life, from 2 to 6 months depending on the type.

– False eyelashes fall off on their own when the glue dries and peels off.

- No real eyelash loss if properly cared for.

No need to spend time applying eye makeup every day.

- Suitable for short eyelashes who need to extend eyelashes.


– The time to perform eyelash extensions is quite long because it requires meticulousness and sophistication.

– Use only single lashes.

  1. Apply eyelashes directly to the eyelid rim

The method of direct eyelash extension on the eyelid is more popular than the method of direct eyelash extension on the real eye. This method is quite simple and is chosen by many people. With the direct eyelash extension method, you can use all kinds of false eyelashes with different lengths and lengths.


- Fast execution time.

- Suitable for many types of eyelashes and eye shapes.

- Suitable for thin eyelashes like thick eyelash extensions.


The lifespan of false eyelashes is short, lasting only 1-2 months.

– When the eyelash extension is complete, the eyes may be swollen and itchy for the first few days but then it will gradually disappear.

In addition, if you are often allergic to eyelash extension gel or cannot bear the weight of your eyelashes, mascara Lengthening and curling eyelashes is also one of the reasonable choices.

Based on the comparisons of the two popular eyelash extensions above and depending on your taste and eye shape, you must have made your own choice to create accents for your face, helping your eyes immediately attract people. face. At first sight, confidently shines in the crowd.


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