Compare classic and mi katun

May 19, 2023 1 min read

Compare classic and mi katun

Compare classic and mi katun

Natural classic eyelashes have always been chosen by most customers, but now Katun eyelashes are gradually being chosen by more customers.

So which two types of eyelashes are good, which ones are beautiful and will be the trend in the future?

Which is better Mi Katun and Mi Classic?

In fact, it is impossible to determine which type of eyelashes is better because each type will have different advantages.

Choosing which type of eyelash extensions depends on many factors such as:

- Is your hobby natural or personal?

- How much or how little you are and your health

- What is the purpose of eyelash extensions?

So what are the advantages between mi katun and mi classic:

- Classic eyelashes join 1 false eyelash on 1 real eyelash, while katun mi can connect 1 or more volume-style fibers, but interspersed are clusters of longer eyelashes.

- Mi classic is quite light, so it is suitable for most customers, and Katun has 2 types, thick and thin, so it depends on the preferences of the customer.

- Classic lashes stay shorter than Katun lashes

- The price of classic eyelash extensions is much cheaper than mi katun

- Classic eyelash extension time is faster than mi katun

Therefore, both types of eyelashes are equally good, no one is better than the other

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