Promade fans loose 16D 0.03 | 500 fans

About this item

  • ✨ GLAMORIZE YOUR EYES WITH GLAMOREYELASH: Promade Fans Lash Extension combines the best qualities of synthetic mink and silk lashes, blending the fluffy, lightweight nature of individual mink lashes to create a thick and natural look when compared to other readymade lash fans. Promade Eyelash Clusters are light, fluffy, and have a matte black finish.
  • ⌚ ALL-TIME BEST TIME-SAVING PROMADE FAN: These Promade Volume Eyelashes Extension will help you achieve a hybrid, light volume lash extensions, dramatic volume lash extensions, and mega-volume lash styles with fluffy and dense individual lashes in the shortest amount of time.
  • 💗 A LARGE NUMBER OF PROMADE FANS: Our lash clusters provide you with 500 soft, comfortable, and cost-effective Promade Lashes Natural Look while creating glamorous promade fans for your customers. Glamoreyelash is made entirely by the Glamor meticulous team, so you don't have to be concerned about our high-quality eyelash extension kit.
  • 🕊 SUPER COMFORTABLE & FEATHERY: Our extremely tiny fan bases and thin stem make our feathery lashes for eyelash extensions comfortable to wear. We offer 3D to 16D lash extensions, thicknesses ranging from 0.03/0.05/0.07 mm, C/CC/D curl, and lengths ranging from 8mm to 16mm.
  • 👌 IRRESSIBLE BEAUTY TIPS ITEM: We guarantee that you and your customers will adore our Promade eyelash extension fan lashes! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require assistance. What stunning individual lash clusters!.  


  • 10 - 17mm in length
  • Comes with 500 Fans
  • Curl: C, CC, D curls
  • Made in soft matt black finish, mink
  • Each box has one size and curl
  • Minimum adhesive for the best results of bonding

    NOTE: Please make sure that you use more glue than with larger base fans because the base is small. Watch the video to see how our PROMADE laminates can be used correctly.