Which eye shape is Thai sole eyelash extension suitable for?

May 04, 2023 2 min read

Which eye shape is Thai sole eyelash extension suitable for?

Which eye shape is Thai sole eyelash extension suitable for?

Thai sole eyelash extensions are a new trend of eyelash extensions favored by many women who love beauty. If compared with current popular styles such as cat eyelash extensions, 3d eyelash extensions, doll eyelash extensions or angel eyelash extensions, mi sole is also a very personal and innovative eyelash extension.

Thai eyelash extension style is a combination of classic and volume eyelashes, applying creative stylized connection techniques, helping to create an impressive and unique look for each Thai eyelash model. In general, the Thai eyelashes will have thick and long beams, alternating short and long eyelashes to create a beauty for the eyes that are both natural and attractive.

Mi sole Thai is a personality type of eyelashes that will be very suitable for girls with personality, with many eyelashes, especially girls with big, round eyes, double eyelids, pigeons with this type of eyelashes will be extremely popular. turn on.

Mi sole Thai is not easy to connect and it is not easy for customers to want to be able to choose Thai eyelash extensions for their eye shape, so if you do not have much experience in eyelash extensions, please ask for advice. of eyelash extension experts whether my eyes are suitable for Thai eyelash extensions.

Because besides Thai eyelash extensions, natural, doll, sexy, and personality lashes are also very good and it is important to always remember that a beautiful eyelash style is suitable for the eye shape, not depending on the type of eyelashes. which is hot.

The lifespan” of a set of eyelashes lasts up to 4-6 weeks. No matter what type of eyelash extension you have or what type of eyelash extension you have, if you don't know how to take care of your lashes carefully after joining, then sure, your lashes will be damaged quickly. If not careful, it can cause real eyelashes to fall out, or lead to eye allergies.

I recommend you, after you have eyelash extensions, you need:


  •   Limit the impact on the eyelids such as: rubbing eyes, applying eyeliner, applying mascara, removing makeup eyelashes, eyelids, ...
  • When you have to go out, don't forget to cover with a hat, sunglasses, jacket to protect your eyelashes from environmental factors such as wind, sun, dust, etc.
  •   Clean eyelash extensions and eye area gently according to instructions, do not arbitrarily remove or remove eyelash extensions.
  •   In particular, you need to find professional eyelash extensions to avoid poor workmanship, poor quality eyelash extensions and glue to avoid harming your eyes.

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