What is 6D eyelash extension?

May 22, 2023 2 min read

What is 6D eyelash extension?

What is 6D eyelash extension?

6D eyelash extension is a technique that uses beams with 6 false eyelashes attached to one real eyelash. 6D eyelash extensions use bunches of eyelashes with thin and light eyelashes, even though there are many fibers in a bunch, they do not mess up the eyelashes or create a feeling of heaviness. Length sizes also include lengths from 8 to 15 mm. Each lash has a maximum diameter of about 0.12 mm. The common sizes used by many people are 0.05 mm and 0.07 mm.

Although the difference in sizes is not too much compared to the 5D mi, after joining, it also creates much bolder styles. Especially suitable for bold and outstanding girls. Can create attraction for deep eyes or drooping eyelids. The concealer effect is very good and makes the eyes bigger and brighter. The durability of this style of eyelashes can be up to about 30 days.

Advantages of 6D eyelash extensions

6D eyelash extensions help your lashes always be thick, soft, and not broken or bent

There are many sizes for you to choose the length and curvature you like

The 6D eyelash extension technique has twice the life expectancy of traditional eyelash extensions.

6D eyelashes are covered with a layer of collagen to help your eyelashes always be soft, not dry or fibrous.

The lashes are created with a multi-dimensional effect, giving it a realistic feel and making your eyes alluring

Disadvantages of 6D eyelash extensions

The cost of implementation may be higher than conventional eyelash extensions such as 2D, 3D, ..

Requires high technique, the specialist must be sure, careful and meticulous to help you get the desired eyelashes.

6D eyelash extension is the latest technology to help your eyelashes naturally curl. 6D eyelash extensions help your face not only exude beauty from the eyes, but instead have soft and flexible lines. With beautiful eyelashes and healthy eyes will make you more attractive and confident when standing in front of people.

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