Volume or Megavolume, what's the difference?

April 12, 2023 1 min read

Volume or Megavolume, what's the difference?

Volume or Megavolume, what's the difference?

  At first glance, it is difficult for customers to distinguish Mi Volume or Megavolume, but for eyelash extensions, this is definitely very easy.

.Volume eyelashes extension

- A method that uses many false eyelashes to connect to real eyelashes.

- Depending on the real eyelashes of each customer, you can attach from 2 to 8 false eyelashes to 1 real eyelash.

- Normally, volume eyelash extensions will have a false eyelash thickness of about 0.07mm.

- Connecting Volume helps eyes sharp, seductive but still have natural features.

  Eyelash extensions mega volume

- It is a way of eyelash extension in the form of volume but is a more advanced version.

- Connecting Megavolume can connect from 10 to 30 false eyelashes to one real eyelash.

- Usually use lashes with a thickness of 0.03 or 0.05.

- Megavolume will create sharpness, make the eyes more soulful, helping them to be more confident and dynamic.

  2 types of eyelash extensions Volume and Megavolume have never stopped being hot, always the top choices of women.

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