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Are you curious about easy fan lashes and their benefits? How are they different from regular lashes? And why do easy fans sometimes close unexpected ly?
In this blog, GlamoreyeLash will share the amnazing features of easy fan eyelash extensions with you and answer all your burning questions.

What is Easy Fans?
Easy fan lashes are a game-changer when it comes to eyelash extensions. The adhesive strip keeps the volume fans secure in place, preventing them from breaking at the base. This means you have more time to customize the size of the fan to your liking. With sticky glue at the bottom, the fan remains adjustable, giving you full control.
Now, let's talk about what makes that lashes so awesome. They've got this cool layered design that gives them a super dark and dense look. And the best part? These lashes are incredibly easy to work with as they can easily be picked up and fanned out on the strip.

At GlamoreyeLash, we offer easy fan lashes that we called Lash Tray in two packaging options: multiple length boxes and single length boxes. additionally,
we provide you with our 16 layers of comfortable and natural-looking individual easy fanning volume lashes (0.07 C curl, 8-16mm). These lashes help
you save a significant amount of time and money while creating beautiful fans for your customers.
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Then, let's dive into the benefits of using easy fan volume lashes:
1. Design Flexibility: If you've previously used premade lash fans and felt restricted in modifying the look, easy lashes are the perfect solution. They allow you to adjust the number of lashes and customize the size from, narrow to wide, giving you the freedom to create the desired style.
2. Exceptional Time Saver: Creating handmade fans can be a time-consuming process, taking hours to complete. Mastering the techniques of handmade fans can take months or even years. However, by using lash trays, you can,achieve the same stunning look in a fraction of the time.
They are a true time-saving innovation.
3. No Costly Course Fees: Learning advanced skills like volume lash application can be expensive, especially for beginners. With that lashes, there's no need for additional training to create beautiful volume lash fans. However, it's important to understand how to determine the appropriate amount and weight of volume lashes for correct lash extension application.
Let's bust a common myth about easy fan lashes. Some people worry about square bases when removing multiple lashes from the strip. The key is to detach a reasonable number of lashes while keeping client lash safety in mind.

How to use Easy Fans?
Curious about how to use easy fan volume eyelashes? Here's a step-by-step guide:
Step 1: Start by picking up the easy fan lashes from the middle. Avoid taking the single lashes too far from the lash roots to prevent detachment.
Step 2: Reattach the easy fan lashes to the strip, creating an evenly shaped fan. Ensure the lashes are straight and aligned with the bottom of the
lash strip. Be cautious not to position them too low, as the upper lashes might get stuck in the adhesive strip, hindering the fan from opening.

 Step 3: Gently press and wiggle the lashes onto the strip to open the fan. Avoid wiggling the root of the lashes. It's normal for the fan to separate, and
some adhesive might adhere to your tweezers.
Step 4: Pick up the easy fan lashes from the center, as it provides a stable position without falling apart. Lifting the fan from the center also allows
enough space on the lash root to apply adhesive effectively.
Choosing the right Glue for Easy Fans
When it comes to choosing the best lash glue for easy fan lashes, opt for a thin, quick-drying adhesive. Dip the fans into the glue dot, encouraging a 1.5mm coverage. Using too much or too little lash adhesive may cause the fan to close, so exercise caution. Also, a sticky dot can be a helpful
alternative to a sticky strip when fanning out the lashes.
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Remember, never use a glue aid if you're using easy fans. Glue aid can affect the unique adhesive used at the base of easy fan volume lashes, making
your fanning experience difficult.
Notes to keep in mind!

If you find your easy fan lashes closing, here are some tips to prevent it:

1. Consider Humidity Levels: Check the humidity level in yourlash room, as most lash adhesives require a specific percentage of humidity for optimal performance. Low or high humidity can affect the drying time of the glueand make it challenging to create volume fans.
2. Apply the Right Amount of Lash Adhesive: Unlike individual lashes, volume fans shouldn't be fully dipped in adhesive. Only contact the bond at the
base of the fan, aiming for a thickness of 1 to 2 mm. Too much glue can cause the fan to close up.
3. Opt for Quick-Drying Glue: Using a glue that dries slowly may result in the lashes closing before the adhesive sets.

Choose a glue with a fast drying

4. Use Proper Tweezers: Ensure your tweezers are completely closed and experiment with different grip points. Finding the ideal pinch position can
make a significant difference of 1 to 2 mm when grabbing the far.
5. Take Your Time: Creating perfect volume fans requires patience and attention to detail. Avoid rushing the process, as even a simple task can take hours to complete. Give yourself enough time to achieve the desired results.
6. Hold the Fan in Place: After placing the fan on a natural |lash, gently press down and hold for a few seconds. This allows the adhesive to dry while
keeping the lashes fanned out.
In conclusion, easy fan eyelash extensions are a remarkable alternative to regular volume lashes. They prevent lash breakage at the base, allow
you to effortlessly create stunning fans without the need for manual adjustments. By using easy fan lashes, you can save time, enjoy design flexibility. and avoid costly training fees. Follow the provided tips and techniques to make the most out of your easy fan lash experience.


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