Lash Care with LavisLash During the Year-End Holiday Season

January 26, 2024 5 min read

Lash Care with LavisLash During the Year-End Holiday Season

As Halloween kicks off the year-end holiday season, our calendars start filling up with festive gatherings and parties. Many of us are excited about creating glamorous makeup looks, but it's crucial to remember that this season coincides with the dry fall-winter weather, which can be tough on our eyelashes. We've briefly discussed this issue - lash care - before and recommended a suitable eyelash adhesive for those chilly winter days.   However, this article will focus more on details, such as how to apply lashes quickly and accurately or how to maintain beautiful lash extensions after removing heavy makeup on those cold weather days! In this practical guide, Glamoreyelash will explore how to care for your eyelash extensions and natural lashes throughout this holiday season, ensuring they stay gorgeous from Halloween through to the New Year's celebrations. 

Applying Makeup on your Face in the Right Way

Before we dive into lash care, let's talk about makeup. When picking makeup products for your holiday looks, opt for high-quality, water-based options. These not only help your lash extensions last longer but also work well with your natural lashes. On the flip side, steer clear of oil-based or waterproof makeup, as they can be difficult to remove and potentially harm your extensions. Here, we'll provide a list of dos and don'ts to help you apply makeup with lash extensions flawlessly: Dos:
  • Use Oil-Free Makeup Products: Choosing oil-free and water-based makeup products, including mascara, eyeliners, and eye shadows. These products are lash extension-friendly and won't weaken the bond of the adhesive.
  • Apply Mascara Sparingly: If you feel the need for mascara, use a water-based, extension-safe mascara and apply it sparingly to the tips of your extensions. This enhances the look without weighing down your lashes.
  • Be Gentle: When applying makeup around your eyes, use a light touch. Avoid pulling or tugging on your extensions to prevent damage.
  • Cleanse Carefully: When removing eye makeup, use a gentle, oil-free makeup remover. Be cautious not to rub your eyes vigorously. Instead, use a soft, downward motion to avoid stressing the lash extensions.
  • Avoid Waterproof Makeup: Waterproof makeup can be challenging to remove without damaging your extensions. It's best to steer clear of it to preserve your lash extensions' longevity.
  • Say No to Oil-Based Products: Oil-based makeup products can break down the lash adhesive, causing your extensions to fall out prematurely. Keep them away from your lashes.
  • Skip the Lash Curler: Avoid using an eyelash curler on your extensions, as it can damage both the extensions and your natural lashes.
  • Don't Overload Mascara: Applying too much mascara can clump your lashes and potentially damage the extensions. A light touch is key.
By following these dos and don'ts, you can enjoy your makeup routine while maintaining the health and longevity of your lash extensions. Now, let's move on to the second part, where we'll explore essential lash care and recommended supplies.

Lash Care with Recommended Lash Extension Supplies

Choosing A Reputation Lash Supplies

Proper care is essential for preserving both the beauty of your lash extensions and the health of your natural lashes. A crucial tool in maintaining lash extensions is the lash wand brush. This tool helps prevent tangling and preserves the shape of your lashes. Whether you're a lash technician or a lash enthusiast, understanding lash care is crucial for achieving and maintaining stunning lashes. Here are some key tips:
  • Before Your Appointment: Cleanse your lashes and arrive makeup-free.
  • During Your Appointment: Communicate your preferences to your technician.
  • Aftercare: Gently cleanse, use a lash wand brush, avoid waterproof makeup, and sleep carefully.
  • Lash Care Products: Invest in quality lash care products.
  • Regular Appointments: Schedule touch-ups and maintenance appointments.
With proper care and the right tools, you can confidently flaunt your stunning lashes.

A Short Guide to Lash Care During the Holidays

Take care your lashes- Having health lashes

Maintain your lash extensions during the holiday season by gently brushing them daily with a clean mascara wand to prevent tangling. Use an oil-free makeup remover before applying makeup for a clean base, following proper lash appointment etiquette. Be gentle with your makeup application, using disposable applicators for precision. After holiday parties, safely remove makeup with a water-based, oil-free remover, patting gently. Follow up with a specialized lash shampoo to ensure residue-free lashes. Continue daily brushing and consider lash serums for extra care.

Keep Your Lashes Stunning During the Holidays

Proper lash care is essential for lash length and health during the holiday season. Gently brush your lashes daily, use oil-free makeup remover, and avoid rough makeup application. After festivities, remove makeup gently, cleanse thoroughly, and maintain daily brushing. Consider lash serums for added care. These tips will help you enjoy beautiful lashes throughout the holidays while adhering to essential lash care practices.

Lash Care Tips

  • Stay Hydrated: Tell your clients to drink enough water and use moisturizers that won't harm their lash extensions. This helps stop lashes from becoming brittle and breaking in the cold, dry weather.
  • Be Gentle When Cleaning: Let clients know to use warm water, not hot, when washing their faces. Hot water can weaken the glue that holds lash extensions. Suggest makeup removers that are lash-friendly and don't have any oils for easy and gentle makeup removal.
  • Try Lash Serums: Recommend lash serums that provide extra nourishment during the fall-winter season. These serums can make lashes healthier, keeping both the natural ones and extensions in great shape.
  • Keep Brushing: Remind clients to brush their lash extensions every day. This prevents them from getting tangled, helps them keep their shape, and ensures they always look their best, especially in the colder months.
  • Schedule Touch-Ups: Stress the importance of booking regular touch-up appointments. The holiday season can lead to more lash loss due to all the events and activities. Timely touch-ups will make sure your clients always have a full lash look.

Recommended Eyelash Supply

For lash technicians and their clients alike, the recommended lash extension supplies and care tips are essential for a long-lasting, stunning lash extension experience. Whether you're servicing clients or maintaining your own lashes, these practices and products ensure that lash extensions are a beautiful and comfortable enhancement.
  • Lash Cleanser: A specialized lash cleanser helps maintain clean and debris-free extensions.Glamoreyelash recommend you using eyelash foam cleanser manufactured to be fit with any skin kinds including dry or sensitive. It will gently remove all make-up without dehydrating your lashes and skin.
  • Mascara Wand or Lash Brush: Regularly brushing with these tools maintains extension shape and prevents tangling. EasyniceLash provide eyelash brush wands in sets of 50 brushes with various colors, and we also sell lash cleaning brushes with a sturdy handle and a soft bristle end suitable for multiple purposes.
  • Lash Serum: Lash serums promote lash health and extension longevity by nourishing both natural lashes and extensions.
  • Oil-Free Makeup Remover: Use an oil-free makeup remover for a clean lash line without affecting the adhesive bond.
  • Lint-Free Applicators: These applicators ensure precise application of cleansers, serums, and other products without leaving lint behind.

Last Thoughts!

These fall-winter lash care tips are like a cozy hug for your clients' lashes. They'll keep those lash extensions looking fabulous, even when the weather outside is frightful. By sharing these secrets to lash health and extension longevity, Glamoreyelash make sure your and even your clients' lashes stay lovely all season long. To explore more of our shares. We will actively address your questions and accompany you through all the challenges of the lash game. At Glamoreyelash, we're all about making you happy. We take real care in how we pack your stuff and deal with customs stuff. We're here to make your experience the best it can be. Remember, when it comes to lash extensions, Glamoreyelash is your ticket to excellence. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through email or drop us a message on our social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook Page. Happy lashing and stay warm, our friends!

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