How to remove eyelash extensions with specialized wax

May 07, 2023 2 min read

How to remove eyelash extensions with specialized wax

How to remove eyelash extensions with specialized wax

This is the most professional and fastest way to remove eyelash extensions and if possible, use this method to remove eyelash extensions in times of need.

This way we have to use a special wax to remove eyelashes to help the process of removing eyelashes become faster than the above methods. This way we need to have a support person to be able to do it. The most popular eyelash remover you can find today is Star color, a product used by most eyelash extensions stores.

Be prepared:

Eyelash remover wax: Star color

Silk tape

Toothpick remover

Physiological salt water

Eyelash cleaning brush


Foaming bottle: mix water with cleanser


Step 1: Use silk tape to stick close to the bottom of the eyelids under both eyes, then use a specialized eyelash remover to apply waxes to the entire eyelashes to be removed and leave for about 3 minutes.

Step 2: Using a toothpick to remove the eyelashes, gently push the eyelash extension from the root to the tip and continue like this until the false eyelashes are removed.

Step 3: Use a foaming bottle to spray on the removed eyelashes, use a cleaning brush to clean the remaining wax and eyelash glue on the real eyelashes.

Step 4: Use a paper towel to wipe off the foam that has just been cleaned. Take physiological saline drops into the eyes and eyelashes to clean again.

Step 5: Use a cotton swab to wipe it clean again.

The use of this wax can also be applied when the customer attaches natural false eyelashes and wants to clean the false eyelash glue quite effectively.


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