How to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions while applying makeup

June 10, 2023 4 min read

How to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions while applying makeup

Creating a perfect lash look is a lash artist’s business, but how long it will stay glowing on your face is all yours. Among the most common factors contributing to early lash extension fallout,  improper makeup application is considered the top concern for all lash wearers.  Then the biggest question posed to us is: how to apply eyelash makeup, especially the mascara safe for eyelash extensions?

1. Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

The answer is “yes,” as long as you apply it as carefully as possible. But generally, it’s a no go for lash wearers due to the risks you have to take. Mascara can cause the lashes to stick and clump together, weakening the glue and making them prone to breakage. Additionally, the removal of mascara can require excessive rubbing and tugging, which can also lead to lash damage, especially when your mascara is waterproof.

In case you just want to pump up the drama of your lash set a little bit, you can apply the mascara on the lower lash line instead. 

However, if you still desire to wear mascara with your whole eyelash extension set, you can choose alternative options such as lash extension-friendly mascara or mascara sealers. These mascaras are typically oil-free and designed to be gentle on the extensions.

Yet, it’s noteworthy that using mascara for eyelash makeup, even if it’s designed for eyelash extensions, can still pose risks and potentially compromise the longevity of the extensions. It’s best to consult with your lash technician for personalized advice based on the specific type of extensions you have and their recommendations.

2. Using eyeliner and eyeshadow with eyelash extensions

It’s totally fine to apply eyeliner when you are wearing eyelash extensions. Just notice that when applying eyeliner, avoid tugging or pulling on the lash line. Instead, gently glide the eyeliner along the eyelid, keeping it away from the base of the extensions. This will help prevent any potential damage or disruption to the lashes.

Besides, a little eye shadow can also enhance your glamorous extensions and create a beautiful overall look. However, when it comes to choosing eyeshadow formulas, you should choose powder oil free eyeshadow instead of gel or cream one because it’s the easiest to remove. The harder it can be removed, the more likely it is that your lashes will be damaged. It’s advisable to use a gentle and tight-bristled brush so the powder won’t fall and get stuck in your extensions. 

eyelash makeup with eyeliner

3. Applying eye makeup with care

In short, while applying eyelash makeup, do so with extreme care, and keeping these tips in mind:

  • Use a light touch when applying eyeshadow to avoid pulling or tugging on the lashes. A proper brush and 100% focus while applying are the keys.
  • Apply mascara sparingly and focus on the tips of the natural lashes rather than the base where the extensions are attached. This helps to avoid clumping or weighing down the extensions.
  • Avoid using eyelash curlers, as the extensions are likely to break, become uneven, or even fall out. Your lash extensions have been chosen in various curls to suit your preference, so what is a curler for?
  • Be cautious when using eyeliner to prevent contact with the lash line

4. Concerns about eyelash makeup removal

This step might be the most challenging.

It’s the fact that although oil-based makeup remover is known for its effectiveness in getting rid of stubborn eye makeup, it can weaken the glue bond between your natural lashes and the extensions. Therefore, the products you use for makeup should be water-based, which are easier to remove, so that the makeup remover process can be easily done. Also, opt for lightweight and non-clumping mascara specifically designed for lash extensions.

What about the cotton pads you use daily? Sadly, having the eyelash extensions on means you should say goodbye to all of them. Cotton pads can snag and catch on the lash extensions; moreover, they also shed small fibers that may stick to the lash line. Alternatively, use a cotton swab or a soft brush to gently remove makeup around the eyes. This allows for a more precise and gentle application of the makeup remover.


eyelash makeup removal

Additional eyelash extensions care tips

As we’ve always said, the lash aftercare period is not easy, especially when you want to have eyelash makeup, as it requires changes to most of your habits and routine. Along with proper makeup application, to keep your lashes perfect, you shouldn’t ignore these instructions:

  • Schedule regular maintenance appointments with your lash artist. If you haven’t seen your lash artist 2-4 weeks, you know it’s time!
  • Avoid excessive heat exposure from hairdryers, steam, or saunas. Heat can have a negative impact on glue bond and alter the shape and curl of the lashes.
  • Be mindful of rubbing or touching your eyes throughout the day

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The key takeaway here is, you might’ve heard it thousands of times, but it’s true – be gentle on your lash extensions! The more effort you put into it, the higher the reward you’ll reap. You might feel it’s such a burden at first, but then everything will be much easier – so, “enjoying your lash journey”!

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