Eyelash FAQ (FAQ)

April 21, 2023 2 min read

Eyelash FAQ (FAQ)

Eyelash FAQ (FAQ)

Let's end this article with some frequently asked questions, not only about eyelash extensions but also about eyelash extensions in general.

The idea is to keep this article updated with more questions, and if you have questions of your own, you can post them in the comments section below.

  1. What is eyelash extensions?

You know what hair extensions are right? You stick or 'stitch' someone's hair on your head and combine it with your own hair.

Eyelash extensions also have a similar concept but you will glue false eyelashes and combine them with your real eyelashes.

The result is thicker, longer, thicker and curvier lashes. Day and night even without makeup.

This is conquering a lot of women, including those who already own long, curled lashes, because it's very practical, you don't need to wear mascara constantly, you know… the conveniences of modern times. !

  1. What to expect from Eyelash Extensions?

In addition to longer, fuller, and curvier lashes, this technique will make your eyes more defined.

Do you remember someone who influenced the way they looked?

If the eyelash extension is done well and you choose the type of eyelash extension that suits your face, it will bring a noticeable effect.

But not only that, it also fills the gaps in your eyelashes and boosts your confidence, not to mention how practical it will be as you will definitely save a few minutes on your makeup routine. mine.

Here we have some advantages that you should expect to gain by making and extending eyeliner:

  • Longer eyelashes
  • Thicker eyelashes
  • Eyes look clearer
  • No need to apply mascara
  • Fill in eyelash gaps
  • curled eyelashes
  • Save time on your daily routine because with eyelash extensions, you don't need to apply mascara to your lashes to shape and plump your lashes.
  • You look more beautiful than ever

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