Doubts when boys learn 3D eyelash extensions

May 07, 2023 2 min read

Doubts when boys learn 3D eyelash extensions

Doubts when boys learn 3D eyelash extensions

In fact, many male friends before learning 3D eyelash extensions encounter countless doubts. These are typical problems like the following:

Learning 3D eyelash extensions is only for those with "weak feet, soft hands"

Most people think that learning eyelash extensions is only for those with weak hands and feet. Male friends need to work as a porter, not suitable for the field of meticulous attention to detail.

Moreover, boys participating in the field of beauty are often rumored to be weak, belonging to the third gender. Therefore, many people, although very interested in this profession, have to put aside that passion.

It's difficult for a boy to learn the craft Mi

Not only that, many people think that boys are not smart with their hands, and the manipulation is still rigid. Therefore, learning eyelash extensions will face many difficulties. If you participate, you will quickly give up causing a loss of time and money.

The above doubts have prevented many people from intending to enter the beauty industry. However, what is your opinion on this matter?

Boys can completely join the profession Mi

Most of the people who are afraid of whether men can learn how to apply eyelash extensions are often worried about obstacles in the process of studying and working. It can come from psychology or from technical skills.

- Psychology of eyelash extensions is only for women: eyelash extensions can be said to be gentler, less toxic chemicals than other beauty jobs such as nail art and hairdressing. Therefore, men who want to work must overcome the stereotype that beauty or lightness should be reserved for women, and men must do things worthy of "broad shoulder strength".

- Work requires ingenuity and meticulousness: men are often afraid of meticulous work, because their manipulations are still rigid and strong. But the profession of eyelash extensions is even more important, ingenuity and care on each delicate eyelash, so men are afraid they can't do it.

- Need to spend patience: connect each eyelash in 1-2 hours, sometimes more than what not everyone can be patient enough to do. This is very discouraging for those who are new to the profession, especially for men.

- Where to apply for a job after studying: In addition to studying, male friends also worry about jobs after finishing school. Do beauty salon owners hire men for eyelash extensions?

Are you wondering if men can learn professional eyelash extensions? All will not be a problem to hinder you, as long as you want to, you can do it. In terms of psychology, you really don't need to care what other people say, when you succeed is the clearest answer. As for skills, as long as you learn the job of eyelash extensions from the right teacher at the right school, you will no longer find it so difficult

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