Complete Guide to Eyelash Extensions Styles

January 10, 2024 5 min read

Complete Guide to Eyelash Extensions Styles

Ready to dip your toes into the dazzling realm of eyelash extensions? Well, buckle up because we’re about to guide you through all the fantastic styles out there. Learning a bit of lash language isn’t just fun; it’s the key to nailing down your preferences and talking shop with your lash pro. 

In this guide, we’re taking a deep dive into various lash extension styles, tailoring them to different eye shapes, and tossing in some tips to help you pick the extensions that scream ‘you.’

Eyelash extension styles: The Beauty Breakdown

Cat eye lashes

Let’s kick things off with the always-in-style Cat Eye lash extension styles. 

Picture this: a gradual lengthening from your inner to outer corners, giving you that lifted and angled charm. Top tip? Ask for slightly shorter lashes at the outer corner for that extra eye lift.

Doll eye lashes 

Now, say hello to the Doll Style Lash Extensions. They serve up an adorable, open-eyed vibe with longer lashes at the center and shorter ones at the inner and outer corners. Quick heads up: the term “doll lashes” can mean different things, so chat it out with your stylist for clarity.

doll eyes lash extension styles

Wispy styles lashes

For those who like things delicate and feathered, there’s the Wispy Eyelash Extensions. It’s all about fewer lashes of similar lengths, giving you that incredibly pretty and soft vibe.

wispy lashes

Anime lashes

Anime lashes, also known as Manga lashes or Webtoon lashes, are a distinctive style of lash extensions characterized by spikey, individual lash strands that stand out prominently.

Unlike wispy lashes, anime lashes have obvious spikes that create a dramatic and exaggerated look, emphasizing both the upper and lower lash lines. This style aims to achieve the wide-eyed, doll-like appearance seen in female anime and manga characters, making the eyes pop with a captivating allure.

anime lashes


Open Eye

If you’re in the mood for a more intense look, meet the Open Eye style. This one throws the longest lashes at the center, lifting your eyes for a rounded and open appearance – just a notch above the doll style for that extra oomph.

Reverse Cat Eye Lash Extensions

For a twist, there’s the Reverse Cat Eye lash extension styles. Think shortest at the inner corner, gradually getting longer toward the outer corner. Caution: this one needs a skilled stylist to avoid any weirdness.

Squirrel eyelashes

Want a touch of glamour? Enter the Squirrel Style. It whips up upturned eyes with the longest lashes in the second-to-last quadrant, creating a captivating and foxy vibe. Interested about squirrel lashes?

Natural Eyelash

Shifting gears to a more au naturel look, we’ve got the Natural Eyelash style. It mimics your natural lash length for that subtle, breezy look. You can play around with variations like kitten extensions for a gradual lengthening effect.

Staggered Eyelash Extensions

Feeling a bit spiky? Try the Staggered lash extension styles. It’s a modern, spiky look created by mixing longer and shorter extensions. Get creative and mix it up with other styles for your own personalized look.

Fox Style Lashes

Now, if you’re in the mood to make a statement, say hello to Fox Style Lashes. They deliver that captivating and foxy look with longer, thicker lashes at the outer corners. Ideal for those who want their eyes to do the talking.

Want a “all eyes on you” look? We have a complete guide to help you rock fox eyes.

Wavy Lashes

Feeling a bit laid-back? The Wavy Lashes throw in a soft wave for that easy-breezy, natural appearance. Super versatile and perfect for everyday wear or when you want a subtle boost.

Colored or Highlighted Extensions

Fancy a pop of color? The Colored or Highlighted Extensions can be your fun ticket. Add various colors or highlights for a quirky, personalized effect.

Custom Eyelash Extensions

And for those who want something totally unique, there’s the Custom lash extension styles. Your stylist crafts a lash map just for you. Pro tip: chat openly with your stylist to get the look that’s as unique as you.

Lash extension styles for Different Eye Shapes: Finding Your Fit

Let’s get real about eye shapes. If you’ve got almond eyes, consider yourself lucky—they can rock pretty much any style. But if your eyes are wide-set, think about styles that emphasize the inner corners, like reverse cat eye.

For those with close-set eyes, aim for length and density near the outer corners. Squirrel or cat-eye styles are your go-to. Down-turned eyes? Squirrel or cat eye again, but keep it modest at the outer corners for that uplifting effect.

Small eyes shine with wispy and thinner classic or hybrid styles. Don’t go too heavy; keep the inner corner lashes a tad shorter to open up those peepers.

If your eyes are hooded, stick to shorter, lighter lashes near the inner corner. Squirrel or open eye styles work wonders for camouflaging the hooded crease, while wispy or staggered styles add some drama.

Deep-set eyes? Fluttery styles like staggered, wispy, or natural lashes are your best pals. And if your eyes protrude a bit, think C, D, or L curls to pull upwards and flatter those eyes.

Upturned eyes are having a moment. Cat eye and squirrel extensions play up that fox eye look. But if you’re in the mood to tone it down, open eye or natural extensions do the trick.

Round eyes? Doll and open eye styles emphasize that natural beauty, while a cat eye brings some balance.

How to Choose the Right Eyelash Extensions

  • Eyelash Extension Length:
    • Consider natural lash length, eye size, lid space, and desired dramatic effect.
    • Start with 8-12 mm for beginners or smaller eyes; adjust length as needed.
  • Eyelash Extension Volume:
    • Classic, Volume, Hybrid, or Glam options for varied thickness and number of lashes.
    • Choose based on desired volume and budget.
  • Eyelash Extension Materials:
    • Options: Faux Mink, and Silk.
    • Consider softness, curl hold, and cruelty-free preferences.
  • Eyelash Extension Curl Type:
    • Choose from J, C, D, or L curls based on desired curvature.
    • Select curls that complement your eye shape.
  • DIY Lash Extensions:
    • Explore DIY options for at-home application and experimentation.
    • Clusters make application easy and versatile for different styles.

Lash extension styles are your ticket to the beauty world, from classic elegance to bold statements. Your pick should vibe with your eye shape and personal taste. Chat it out with your stylist about length, volume, materials, and curl types for that perfect set. And for those feeling a bit daring, DIY extensions offer a hassle-free way to try out different looks. So, go ahead – flutter those lashes with confidence!


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