Check the condition of the real eyelashes

April 17, 2023 1 min read

Check the condition of the real eyelashes

Check the condition of the real eyelashes

We will test how thick and strong the customer's real eyelashes are. Besides, it is also very important to consider whether using mink eyelashes will cover all the disadvantages of the eyes. If your eyelids are drooping because they are too weak, then this eyelash extension is suitable because it is very light. However, if your eyes have a small width, this type of eyelashes may not be a good choice.

Cleaning the eye area and eyelashes

After the test is done, you will be instructed on how to clean the eye area, especially the eyelashes. You need to clean your skin with cleanser to remove dirt and sebum fibers, making eyelash extensions easier. Natural eyelashes are cleaned with a specialized solution that does not contain oil and alcohol. After drying, the technician will fix the lower eyelid and attach additional protective pads around the eyes.

The tools used for eyelash extensions are also absolutely disinfected to avoid unfortunate incidents. Because the eyes are a very important position, you should carefully observe the cleaning of the professionals to keep yourself safe.

Eyelash extensions

We'll be using lash glue along your upper lash line for the next part. Then, a strip of soft mink lashes is gently attached to this glue so that it overlaps with the real eyelashes to create a natural feeling. When finished, the eyelashes will be slightly bent to create a curvature, making the eyes more beautiful. Finally, the shape of the eyelashes is reshaped, and the correction of excess hairs is completed.

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