0.07 Lash Extensions: Secrect To An Awe-inspiring Loo

October 02, 2023 5 min read

0.07 Lash Extensions: Secrect To An Awe-inspiring Loo

Extensions between a diameter of 0.03 and 0.07 mm are considered thin, compared to other thicknesses. Therefore, they are often used for volume sets, where multiple false lashes are attached to a single natural eyelash.And amongst these thin lashes, there is one diameter that is the most popular and is preferred by many lash artists – 0.07mm. So what are 0.07 lash extensions? And what is the benefit of 0.07 mm diameter that makes it so popular? All will be answered in this blog.

What are 0.07 lash extensions?

Basically, 0.07mm refers to a specific thickness or diameter of individual eyelash extensions. 0.07mm means the diameter of the lash’s base is 0.07 millimeter. In the context of eyelash extensions, the measurements typically range from 0.05mm to 0.25mm, with 0.07mm falling within that range.

In addition, this thickness is considered as thin lash extensions, suitable for volume lashes, ranging from 3D-6D, to create a fuller and more voluminous effect, without weighing down the natural lashes. 

At GlamoreyelashLash, we offer 0.07 lash extensions in a variety of curls, thicknesses and lengths, in order to customize the perfect look that clients desire. Take a look at our category to choose your favorite 0.07 lashes.

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Benefits of 0.07 lash extensions

1. Natural Look

0.07 lash extensions are thinner and lighter compared to thicker extensions. This allows for a more natural and subtle look. Lashes 0.07 blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, giving the appearance of naturally long and full lashes.

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2. Comfortable to Wear

The lightweight nature of 0.07 eyelash extensions makes them comfortable to wear. They do not weigh down or strain your natural lashes, ensuring a fuller, more dramatic look that is still comfortable for you to wear daily.

3. Versatile

0.07 lash extensions are versatile and can be used for various lash extension techniques, including classic and volume lashes. They can be used to create both natural and more dramatic looks, depending on your preference.

4. Longer Retention

Thinner lash extensions, such as 0.07 mm lashes, have a better bonding surface with your natural lashes. This can lead to improved retention, meaning the extensions stay in place longer before needing a touch-up or fill. This could save you both time and money.

5. Less Damage 

Thinner lash extensions put less stress on your natural lashes, reducing the risk of damage or breakage. When applied correctly and maintained properly, 0.07 volume lashes can stay looking beautiful for weeks, giving you the confidence to rock your voluminous lashes day in and day out.

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6. Ability To Create Volume Lash Sets

0.07 lashes are lightweight and ideal for 3D lash application, providing enough volume for a dramatic effect. They are considered as thin lash extensions, allowing for multiple lashes to be applied to each natural lash without adding excessive weight. This thickness creates a fuller, more voluminous look that appears natural and feels comfortable.

7. Less Maintenance

Since 0.07 lash extensions are thin and lightweight, they require less maintenance than thicker eyelash extensions. This makes them less likely to weigh down or strain the natural lashes, resulting in more comfortable wear and reducing the risk of premature shedding. Clients might need to refill after 3-4 weeks, instead of 1-2 weeks, which can help them to save time and money.

To prolong lash extension retention, clients should also take care of their eyelashes by not rubbing, pulling, or using oil-based products on the extensions. Instead, use gentle care products specific for eyelash extensions, such as Lash Shampoo. This product is a great daily option for removing oils, impurities, and dusts, as well as build-up debris from eyelashes. The foam completely rises and leaves no residue on your lashes.

Furthermore, the compositions do not weaken the adhesive bond and improve lash health.

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Here are some of our recommendations for Lash Shampoo.

Besides, we also recommend lash artists use Primer as the first step in the extension application. Primer can wipe out all the makeup residue, protein, and oils from natural lashes, as well as moisturize natural lashes, in order to create a perfect bond between natural lashes and the extensions. GlamoreyelashLash’s primer comes in a variety of scents, from pure to strawberry, citrus… for you to choose. You can take a look at our Primer collection for more details.

Suitable fanning methods for 0.07 lash extensions

0.07 lash extensions are the most demanding thickness in the market. Lash artists prefer 0.07 lashes, like 3D, 5D, and 6D, because they are easy to apply. 0.07 lashes are thin and lightweight, making them ideal for volume sets.

However, using 0.07 to make volume fan sets requires some specific methods; Listed below are our suggestions for suitable methods for 0.07mm diameter.

1. Lonely Fan Method

The lonely fan method involves removing the desired number of lashes from the rest of the bunch and re-sticking them further along the strip. Then, using the tip of your volume tweezers, roll the lashes outwards to create a lovely fan. Pick up the fan with a firm grip, dip it in glue, and adhere it to the natural lash. It is one of the most common techniques and is suitable for beginners.

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2. Rainbow Method

The rainbow method is also known as the rolling technique. This method is similar to the lonely fan method. However, instead of pulling the number of lashes that you want to use aside, you just leave them in the group, use your tweezers, and roll the lashes to the side, creating a fan!

3. Sticky Dot Method

The sticky dot method involves grabbing a bunch of lashes and placing them on the outer edges of the sticky dot, pressing firmly. This method allows the lashes to fan out naturally before being transferred to your client’s natural lashes with your tweezers.

4. Wiggle Method

The Wiggle technique is a popular one, and it’s best done with a swan curve or a boot tweezer. To use this method, you will need to separate the number of lashes you want from the group, but make sure to remain them on the strip. Then gently wiggle the lashes between your tweezers while adjusting the grip. Once you’ve created your perfect fan, carefully peel off the strip, dip it into your adhesive, and apply it to the natural lash.

In conclusion, 0.07mm lash extensions offer a world of possibilities for creating stunning and lightweight volume fans. The fine diameter of these lashes allows for different fanning methods, resulting in beautifully textured and natural-looking lash sets. Whether you’re a lash technician or a lash enthusiast, incorporating 0.07 lashes into your repertoire will undoubtedly take your lash game to the next level. Hope this information will be helpful to you.

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